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Mr. McMahon

Future Wrestlemania Locations.

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I don't know I am just bored so decided to predict future WrestleMania locations, you may or may not agree, anyways:

WrestleMania 29: East Rutherford, NJ, USA (why not? they haven't done NJ in a long time)
WrestleMania 30: Boston, MA, USA (do one in Cena's state while he is in his prime)
WrestleMania 31: San Francisco, CA, USA (one for the east coast)
WrestleMania 32: Uncasville, CT, USA (or hartford, wwe's home)
WrestleMania 33: Toronto, ON, Canada (gotta do Canada again)
WrestleMania 34: Las Vegas, NV, USA (same reason as wm29)
WrestleMania 35: New York, NY, USA (no explanation)
WrestleMania 36: Philadelphia, PA, USA (same reason at wm29)
WrestleMania 37: Cleveland, OH, USA (hometown or Rock N Roll HOF)
WrestleMania 38: Montreal, QC, Canada (canada again, but this time montreal)
WrestleMania 39: Houston, TX, USA (taker will retire by then, get it?)
WrestleMania 40: Miami, FL, USA (open roof)
WrestleMania 41: Detroit, MI, USA (same reason as wm29)
WrestleMania 42: Honolulu, HA, USA (should be interesting & different)
WrestleMania 43: Seattle, WA, USA (same as wm29)
WrestleMania 44: Los Angeles, CA, USA (east coast again)
WrestleMania 45: Calgary, AB, Canada (canada, different city)
WrestleMania 46: Minneapolis, MN, USA (something new)
WrestleMania 47: Green Bay, WI, USA (something new)
WrestleMania 48: Phoenix, AZ, USA (same reason as wm29)
WrestleMania 49: Hartford, CT, USA (wwe's home)
WrestleMania 50: New York, NY, USA (cause its new york!)

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  1. mrbluto's Avatar
    They need to have one at the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium.
  2. gokhanx99's Avatar
    wembley stadium-london england look how good summerslam 93 was in the old wembley
  3. davieboytellem's Avatar
    dude you mentioned San Franciso and Los Angeles being in the east coast, check a map lol
  4. welch421's Avatar
    wrestlemania 30, 40 and 50 will be at madison garden because they return there every 10 years for a wrestlemania. They did that for the 1st ever one , 10 and 20
  5. rsf8405's Avatar
    I dont think east ruthaford would be a good place to bring WM back to nj..I think they should go back to A.C.It would be a good spot for fan Axxess and A.C needs the boost.
  6. candlelarbra521's Avatar
    they should do one in Australia, google image search MCG, over one hundred thousand. breaking attendace rcords for Mania and the ground.

    PS won't ever happen unless the victorian government pay WWE a lot of money. Like I said it won't happen
  7. helmsley's Avatar
    one in mexico wouldnt hurt, estadio azteca has a capacity for over 70000 people and it would be awesomo
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