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Why John Morrison Isn't Ready.

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In the mist of R-Truth becoming the #1 Contender the ENTIRE IWC is a buzz. Some folks like it cause it's new and a shock and think Ron deserves it. Other folks think that it's bull and that he's a piece of crap and that other guys deserve his spot. Other guys like...John Morrison.

Now before I start this let me first say: I'm a huge JoMo fan. Since he won Tough Enough 3 (you guys remember that?) I've been a HUGE fan, and I have been waiting for him to make his big break. Even though his performance on the very first RAW of 2011 was awesome, I still don't think he's ready to hold the big one.

1.) Starship Painful to Watch
Let's all be real guys, John Morrison has not hit Starship Pain in forever. He always brings his opponent too close to the turnbuckle, I'm not exactly sure if he's afraid of hitting his opponent too hard with the momentum or w.e the case is but he barley catches them with his arms, and it's getting to the point where the announcers can't ignore it anymore. RVD used to do the exact same split legged moonsault without the spinning and he nailed it perfectly. Speaking of RVD that brings me to another point.

2.)Flying Finisher
There have been 40 WWE Champions since 1963. In that entire time there have been exactly FOUR WWE Champions whose finishers were something off the top. Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, Eddie Guerrero, and Randy Savage. 4 out of 40. Vince obviously doesn't like the top rope finishers for his WWE Champions, not to mention Hardy and Eddie could win with other moves besides their finishers. (Twist of Fate/Three Amigos) Morrison used to use the Moonlight Drive along with The Flying Chuck (Springboard Enziguri) as finishes but to me he needs to establish a new finish, or stop being afraid to hit people with the Starship Pain. Look each and everyone of those guys on the main WWE roster has been beaten up AT LEAST once, and can take a hit, so he needs to just hit them with it.

It's common knowledge that the two have been together since their days on Tough Enough 3, and it's also common knowledge that she's kinda the locker room.....hussy. (We'll keep it PG since this IS a WWE blog) And it's also common knowledge that Morrison just lets her sleep with whoever and even accompanies her on dates with other dudes. Vince McMahon likes a fighter, somebody that will stand up to him and tell him to fuck off. (read Chris Jericho's Undisputed for more details) John Morrison obviously doesn't have the balls to tell Batista to get his hands off of his women, so to think he will stand and look Vince McMahon in the eye and tell him to fuck off is WAY BEYOND comprehensibility..

You know when Morrison was in ECW and won the title and changed his name to Morrison, I was pretty ecstatic, his gimmick at the time was actually pretty froot (read Chris Jericho's Undisputed for more details) and creative. His "Shaman of Sexy" and "Palace of Wisdom" I thought was awesome stuff. His current gimmick this "Prince of Parkour" stuff is kinda lame. Not in ring wise, hell in ring I think it's awesome. His stint in the Rumble was pure gold. It's his out of ring stuff that is completely lacking. His lack of mic time and skills are what I think is the main thing holding him back. In fact, I think that's why he's now the Marty of MizMo. Miz has got amazing mic skills, hell he always has verbally he carried MizMo, but Morrison always carried it in the ring. They are kinda ying and yang, which is why I think they are awesome together as a tag team and opponents. Until Morrison can get his act outside of the ring together I doubt he'll hold the WWE Title. Even Bret Hart with his raspy ass voice could cut a passable promo.

Do I believe that John Morrison will win the WWE title? Yes I do, I think he's become the Jeff Hardy of the 10's. I think that people love the high holy hell out of him and want to see him succeed. The same way people did Jeff Hardy. I just don't think he's ready. I personally believe that you win the WWE title by the following ways: Being the best WRESTLER (Bret Hart, Ric Flair), being the most MARKETABLE (Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin), or just the plain DEMAND by the fans (RVD, Jeff Hardy). John Morrison, at this point in time, falls under the DEMAND category, but I think in the future he could fall under the most MARKETABLE. I think Morrison will be the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion ONE DAY, I just don't think that day is today.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    u skipped 4 but thats ok lol great blog u made some interesting points because I'm pro John Morrison. I love the guy but after reading this I might have to agree with u. Btw awesome WWE Champ stat as far as the flying moves.

    But in all fairness Jeff's mic skills are wayy worst than Morrison's and I think Morrison cut a great promo with R-Truth this past Raw. Point blank Morrison hasn't done enough to be WWE Champ. Hardy damn near made a match famous with his brother. The Hardy's and E&C were so innovative that they had to create a star with atleast 2 of them(Edge & Jeff).

    The Hardy's stole shows and made unforgettable moments that live to this day at a midcarders prospective. Those matches were more anticipated than the mainevent.

    Morrison is on his way because he's making moments for example his Royal Rumble moment. But why in the sam hell would they put him & Dolph in that stupid Snooki match at Mania.

    Dolph & Morrison are the best Raw has in ring wise. They should've had a falls count anywhere match at Mania and that would've stole the show. But putting them with divas, their names actually decreased.

    Great Blog and I look forward to reading more from you
  2. Iscariot's Avatar
    Am I the only one thinking JoMo and Melina might just be "friends with benefits"? That usually means no exclusivity in the carnal department, but still would mean he might get cranky if he thinks she's passed over to make room for the returning Stratus.
  3. Viper's Avatar
    great blog, good valid points made. btw, eddie guerrero would use submissions like the lasso from el passo or the gory special to win matches if he didn't do the frog splash. the 3 amigos was just a move that was part of his move set he did during a match.

    personally, i never saw much talent in jeff hardy other than the fact he just jumps off things for shock value. same with rvd, but at least rvd could wrestle & keep us entertained.
  4. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    Excellent blog man. Really hit the nail on the head with the points you've made. As much as I like JOMO and want him to succeed, he just isn't ready. Another thing I see in JOMO is that he looks as if he could care less what his position is in the WWE. You can almost see that his heart isn't in it IMO. People like The Miz and John Cena would actually be more aggressive and more eager to get over with the fans before winning the WWE Championships. JOMO just looks like he just wants to wrestle, do his parkour stuff in and out of the ring, and hang out with his girlfriend Melina. You have to present yourself as if you want to be the best or else the fans aren't going to buy. If he can just show a little more passion in his promos and in ring work, then I don't really see a problem with him but he still has to work on some things before being WWE Champ. Great blog man.
  5. Renevious's Avatar
    First I want to say great blog. I am a really big fan of Morrison and have been wanting to see him climb ever since his days of fueding with CM Punk back in (dare I say it) ECW. And as far as Starship Pain goes, I think you're absolutely right. He's trying to do too much in that one move. It actually looked great when he did it at Wrestlemania to the outside of the ring onto someone in a standing position, but as a finisher on the mat it's useless. I really don't see why he abandoned the running knee to the face. He had a nice little string of victories a while back from that, and it's about as simple a move as there is. It's always nice when you can have a simple move like that, and when it's delivered well you hear the crowd go "ooooh" because they are actually picturing how much that shit must hurt if it were real. Remember when Tajiri used to kick the piss out of his opponents right in the face? Nobody questioned that move. Thanks again for the good read.
  6. JalenTigh's Avatar
    My only issue with Morrison (besides his evident backstage ego problems) is his mic work. He has plenty to say, but it all sounds so hollow. He always talks in the same monotone voice, with no apparent emotion... like he is just reading from a script.
  7. Uneyque's Avatar
    1) People may think Starship Pain is visually painful to watch if it doesn't perfectly connects, but just think, maybe it is physically painful to the user. Look at Gabriel after he executed his 450 Splash, you can alway see the recoil damage on him.
    2) Good observation.
    3) People need to realize that what happened was in the past, & I'm being optimistic, thinks that both of them have changed.
    5) He's just better at being a bad guy. I can see him tried so hard to keep a smile on his face as a face when doing promos.

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