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WM27: I quote 'The Grandest mixed reaction of them all'

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Well the 28th annual Wrestlemania has been and gone and not without a mixed reaction. But i think we all knew that it would get a mixed reaction because the fact is you "you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time"

I have to admit that my own reaction is mixed for a couple of reasons. I felt that the build up for the 'Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler' match warranted a better standard of fight. I thought it took too long to get going and when it did, well quite frankly it was dissapointing. I was under the impression that Michael Cole had been trained by Jack Swagger for this match. Well if this is the case then Swaggers coaching and training techniques lead a lot to be desired. I have to say that this was dissapointing. And i was perplexed at the outcome with the decision being reversed. More than likely it'll lead to something further down the road. Or perhaps somebody can give me an insight into what might happen?
Furthermore i was a bit let down with the climax of the WWE title match. When i realised that this would be the last fight of the night i was excited for a big action match with an ending worthy of Wrestlemania. I was pleased however that Miz retained and that we didn't get the typical outcome of a John Cena 'fairytale' just to keep the under 12's glued to WWE TV for the coming year. In all honesty whoever came up with the double countout deserves a slap.

However once more The Undertaker steals Wrestlemania and makes the 'grandest PPV of them all' his own. A fantastic showing between 'Taker' and HHH which was a back and forth, edge of your armchair bout that blew every other match out of the water. It didn't quite have the excitement factor that 'Taker' vs HBK had however it couldn't have been because HBK and HHH both bring different styles into a match, with a different mentality as was mentioned a lot in the biuld up to Wrestlemania.

I have to say that my second favourite 'Mania' match was Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio. Admittedly i wasn't looking forward to this match, or not as much as a few of the others but it took me by suprise. A back and forth match which had both excitement and purpose and could go a lot further. The excitement delivered by Mysterio that i haven't personally felt since when he had some enthralling matches with Chris Jericho a couple of years ago. But i wasn't bored with Rey Mysterio as i've found myself to be over the last few years, same moves and same outcomes. I was excited at what he delivered and with how Cody Rhodes responded. My personal 2nd best contest of the night with potential. Potential also in Cody Rhodes 'disfigured' persona.

As i've mentioned in a previous blog i am a fan of Michael Cole's as i find the character that he projects is one of great entertainment. However i was more than happy with having 'King' and good ol JR back at the helm. Both showed that they can give plenty more to WWE broadcasting, however i see this as an unlikely dream.

Another year gone, 27 offered plenty but in some areas delivered little. However it was a fine Wrestlemania projecting just how much we should embrace the Undertaker whilst we still can. This also goes for HHH, as well as embracing the return of both The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Wrestlemania 28 is already set with Rock vs Cena but that's 1 year away. Lets hope the year ahead is one that won't get a mixed reaction hwn i'm hopefully blogging this time next year.

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  1. Mark Petries IP's Avatar
    wrestlemania was OK, it had a ton of flaws.

    1. Edge vs Del rio opening up the card, was one of the better matches, should have been next to last on the card. it also buried the royal rumble winner and made the world title seem like it meant less

    2. The tag match pre main event, whats the point of having mixed tag inter gender, if the males and females can't wrestle each other? Also, the match was so dull the crowd died before the main event even started

    3. The main event was extremely boring, not because miz and cena suck, but because miz and cena have horrible ring chemistry together. they had a TNA style ending to the match, which was a smack in the face to fans all over the world.

    those are the 3 things that bothered me the most about the PPV, but alot of other things did as well such as the Lawler vs cole match, or the corre vs the new age oddities lol
  2. Automatic's Avatar
    I think Miz couldn't stand up after he hit the cement really hard with his head so they had to improvise, that's why the DC happened. Miz also has a legit concussion.
  3. Bralon23's Avatar
    Let's be honest, if Rock wasn't involved in the Cena-Miz match, then Undertaker-Triple H would've been the last match. That's just the way things go sometimes. Yeah it was a pretty lame match, but that match was supposed to be more about entertainment (ala Rock) and building the feud between him and Cena. The kids still got to see Cena's 2-3 moves, and Miz sort of came out looking strong by kicking out of the FU, I refuse to call it the AA just like I refuse to call the Unprettier the Killswitch, so they got what they needed to from the match. Everyone is going to have different opinions on the product all the time. Overall, I thought it was a pretty good WrestleMania.
  4. Saiga's Avatar
    this wrestlemania sucked with the exception of the world title match, cody rhodes vs mysterio and cm punk vs randy orton. everything else was terrible and i could smell it a mile away. i enjoyed Mania 26 more than i did with thi years garbage.
  5. hbk2416's Avatar
    I may be in the minority here, but I thought the HHH/Undertaker match was average at best. It seemed they would hit a big move, rest for a couple of minutes, hit another big move, rest for a couple of minutes and so on. I thought Edge/Del Rio was the best match of the night but was forgotten by most four hours later when the show FINALLY ended.

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