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WilloTron 5000

And I quote: Feud for thought, Booker double dutch and 'it's getting a bit drafty'.

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Well for anybody that read my blog last week, i was kind of right with what i said about Edge being back. Not that i expect regular readers of what pops into my head haha. But Edge was back on Smackdown on fine form for his 'retirement party' and looked pleased for Edge. However i also saw something else in Edge's eyes when he was stood at the top of the ramp watching Christian grab that title down apart from happiness, it was clear to see that Edge wished that it was him doing what Christian was doing. I wish Edge all the best with his future

Well i called this 'feud for thought' because in my opinion, the 2 non title big feuds on Raw & Smackdown are the better of the feuds in my estimation. I believe the Orton & Punk feud is ahead of Miz & Cena. Miz & Cena had great potential, but the merry go round of mid carders entering and exiting this feud (Morrison & Truth) has made it non-sensical in my view. As for Smackdown, I believe that Cody Rhodes & Rey Mysterio offer a feud that has mileage along with entertaining matches with different stipulations and many different finishes to matches. Christian & Del Rio for the World title on the other hand doesn't offer this in my opinion. Although at Extereme Rules Christian & ADR are in a ladder match i can see the feud continuing with matches that would end with a 'Killswitch or a cross armbreaker'. Not for me i'm afraid. So overall my view is that Raw and Smackdowns finest feuds lie with superstars who have personal vendetta's and not fighting for a title.

I was watching Smackdown this week and noticed something that i've never picked up on before. Booker T sounded dutch. On commentary, when he pronounced certain words, he sounded dutch.
Examples were : - Rey Myshterio
- He said Chris Masters was 'shtacked'
Amongst many other words that started or ended with the letter 'S'. Imay be amongst a very small minority here who believe he sounded dutch or amongst a minority who have never picked up on Booker's accent before. For any followers of football, Youtube Steve McLaren and you may liken his false dutch pronunciation of words to that of Booker on Smackdown.

Monday 25th April, time for the annual draft. I think the draft nowadays brings a certain sense of false excitement. I think it's fairly predictable that we won't see any major changes, and the predictability reaches to who we can pick out for a switch. Such as Sheamus to Smackdown for example. Although it certainly will mix things up slightly, i wish we could have a draft such as the first ever draft lottery in 2002 where the General Mangers can pick 10 superstars of their own choosing and then the other superstars get allocated to both brands. That was exciting, although i do have some hope for the draft thats coming on the 25th.

Just a general question here about something that's been puzzling me for a while now but probably has a very simple explanation :
Why did the the Raw ropes change from the traditional red to white a couple of years ago? Was it because TNA impact also has red ropes? Hopefully someone can fill me in

Also, after reading E Wrestling news i think we should keep Scott Hall in our thoughts. The situation with him doesn't sound promising.

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  1. MichaelHart's Avatar
    hmmm good question i need an answer for that myself.
  2. daverende5's Avatar
    hé, I am Dutch, I am going to listen Booker T again for you.
  3. daverende5's Avatar
    I am sorry, your wrong about Booker T sounding Dutch. You said to search Steve McLaren, but he doesn't have a Dutch accent. He has a Yorkshire accent? Anyway, it isn't a Dutch accent
  4. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    Listen to the interview/press conference where Steve Mclaren was trying to speak Dutch, he sounded terrible haha. He is actually from Yorkshire, but getting a Yorkshiremen to do a Dutch accent is not something you do haha
  5. El_Dandy_LWO's Avatar
    He has a south Houston accent man

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