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And I Quote - Farewell Edge,Truth hurts and Rotten Corre?

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Well folks this week in WWE was one which certainly took me by suprise. And not for all the right reasons. I come back from holiday clueless as to what awaited me once i logged onto my computer. Edge, the rated R superstar had announced his retirement. I was genuinely shocked, like many fans were as i've gathered over this last week. A superstar who i'd grown up watching, every week since 1999 when i started watching wrestling. And now you start to realise the potential 'domino effect' that this could have on some of the seasoned veterans that we've come accustomed to watching week in week out - the domino effect of retirement i must add. Rumours have circulated about who's going to hang up their boots; Kane, Big Show, Mark Henry and of course Edge were all names in the retirement mix. And from my standpoint this is a sad reality. That these guys who i always thought when i was a kid would be around forever, don't have much more left in the tank. But Edge, the 11 time world champ amongst other coveted accolades has always offered entertainment, watchable matches and excitement. I always described him as the 'Manchester United of WWE'. The reason you ask? He could be getting beaten for 80-90% of a match and then.......... bang! he hits a winning move (spear in Edge's case) to win the match. And that's a quality i admired about Edge, he could get a result from nowhere. I'll miss seeing that. But you have to respect Edge's decision,health first is a priority considering the poor luck he's had in the past with his neck etc. However i'm sure in a couple of years, he'll come back for a match or 2 and hopefully the Hall of Fame. Most deserved i must add!

The next shock, R-truth in the WWE championship match at Extreme Rules. I just don't see where he fits into this mix at all. Don't get me wrong i like the guy, i always have and have admired his unusual offence that he brings however this just baffles me. I'd have had Miz defend vs John Cena in some form of 'extreme match'. That'd make sense considering their feud over the last few months. Truth just doesn't fit into this jigsaw i'm afraid. Some people specualte that WWE are testing him in the deep waters of the WWE title main event, i think Truth will be paddling and may require and inflatable to keep him afloat at Extreme Rules. Potentially out of his depth here, but as always we shall see.

And then i see the cracks in the relationship building on Monday Night Raw between the Corre. I shrugged it off and thought that it'll end there with no more said. I then switch on Friday Night Smackdown and i see it unfolding on the 'blue brand'. And i'm baffled, thinking to myself that WWE better not be trying to break this group up. They made a big mistake with the orginal Nexus, severely dropping the ball. But i thought the Corre was WWE's second chance at giving us a credible group in this modern WWE era. And now i see cracks forming. I could understand if they were losing every week and had no gold. But they have 75% of Smackdowns gold, and if either Wade or Zeek but their minds to it could have the World title and take over Smackdown. If the Corre do split it'll be a shame. Don't get me wrong, all four of them can have successful singles careers, particularly Wade Barrett but in my humbled opinion it isn't the right time to cut the Corre yet.

A shock week, due to the retiring Edge which took the wind from my sails for sure. I thank Edge for the years of entertainment he gave me as i tuned in every week and wish him well. He'll be back! You think you know me

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  1. JalenTigh's Avatar
    I am not all that surprised about the Corre possibly breaking up. I do not see Slater as being a long term superstar for the company and he desperately needs a new gimmick from his current "One man rock band" one, which means he will need to head back to FCW for repackaging (or possibly just be released). Gabriel needs major work on the mic as well . Jackson being in the group never made much sense to me, other then a temporary member to fill the powerhouse role that was obviously intended for Skip Sheffield before he had a set back with his injury recovery. Hopefully the problems with Jackson now are a sign that Sheffield is ready to return.
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    The Core need a manager badly. Barrett is good on the mic but other than that Slater is the only one that do an interview without mumbling and stuttering. Jackson and Gabriel are horrible.
  3. Toby Fox's Avatar
    Edge would be more like Manchester United if his opponents kept getting DQ'd for nothing or if the ref kept missing him blatantly use a chair every other match.
  4. Pumpkinhead's Avatar
    Edge The Manchester United of WWE, I Love it!!!
  5. miraistreak's Avatar
    Winning a title out of the most random of circumstances was his gimmick I swear... like he could be on a stretcher at an ER, and all the sudden the Raw Anon. General Manager could chime in on the hospital loud speaker (guesting for Teddy Long) saying if Edge can do a jig and spear a male nurse, he'll win a title. Manchester United of the WWE. Very appropriate.
  6. Renevious's Avatar
    As far as mic skills go, Jackson shouldn't be near one. It's not his fault. A guy like that needs to be quiet and beat the shit out of people. That's his character. And as far the "one man rock band," what the hell does that have to do with anything? Slater calls himself that, but he doesn't work it into a gimmick or anything. It's just a dumb nickname that makes him seem ridiculous. Now, if he came to the ring with a guitar like Man Mountain Rock used to, it would make sense. These guys need to realize that a gimmick has to be backed up by a character. But yes, I definitely think Barret needs to do his own thing. He's awesome, a total package, and is a perfect fit for what the IC title should stand for. He always delivers a great match when outside interference doesn't ruin it, and I look forward to the possibility of him holding that title for a good while and hopefully getting some exciting defenses in with it.

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