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Christian & R-Truth: Former TNA Stars as WWE/World Champ

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Hey guys wassup. Man the IWC is buzzing right now and for good reason. We have an unbelievable Extreme Rules PPV in the making. Two new maineventers who are actually old in age. Christian & R-Truth, both are true wrestlers whom have paid their dues are finally getting the push they deserve.

After watching Christian win the 20-Man Battle Royal for the chance to face Del Rio for the World Championship and after watchin R-Truth be added to the Triple Treat for the WWE Championship, I noticed something.


Now let me dicuss reasons why they both deserve it.


Christian deserves his run. He's one of the great talkers of this business even as a face. He's one of the only guys that can cut a huge convincing promo as a face. That was something that CM Punk couldn't do which is why they turned him heel. Christian has carried out every gimmick that he was handed and made the best out of it.

His matches are sick. He literally has the most exciting matches in the WWE because his moveset is so large. He doesn't have the most acrobatic or powerful moves but his moveset delivers.

He's spent a whole lot of time being known as the other guy. He's been known as the Janetty of E&C. He's paid his dues. Ran through almost 7 different WWE themes(lol) and has still remained relevant.

He went to TNA because he wasn't being used properly. Came back and had a long run as the ECW Champ. Even though its the WWECW champ, he still held and defended that belt with pride.

This is the same guy that Vince had no love for. Vince said he would amount to nothing more than a midcarder at best. And now look at the trust that Vince is finally giving this man. When I look at Christian I truly do see a World Champ.

We fastforward to now and he's till as entertaining as a normal wrestler. I believe with all my heart they will book him to win. The time is right. The IWC are still in shock over Edge's retirement. What better way to accomodate this sad moment than to have Christian as your New World Heavyweight Champion.


R-Truth is what we consider another trailblazer of this business. Many people have bashed him claiming he hasn't done enough to be considered as WWE Title Contender. I believe its the ignorance of the fans. Just because he had a small stint with the WWF back in the day does not mean he isn't ready. People think that the only place you accomplish great wrestling is in the WWE which is absolutely ignorant.

Truth has made a name for himself all around the world for his wrestling. He's also a former TNA World Champ which is saying alot. I will however admit that his gimmick is trash and a heel turn would do him justice. Or maybe just a new theme by another artist like Jay-Z or THE GREATEST OF ALL-TIME EMINEM(sorry that wasn't wrestling related lol) so that we won't have to hear R-Truth lose his breath and rap at the sametime to the ring.

Point blank the dude is a pure athlete. He can hold his own with the best of the best in the ring. He has the respect of his peers and even Vince backstage. I think its a delightful curve-ball to see him in the mainevent.

I mean look at his match last Monday. He convincingly carried the match. He carried Cena and actually outstaged him. He gave Cena a wrestling bonanza and it goes to show how mediocre skills can be exposed when in the ring with a true wrestler. Cena looked horrible in the match and Truth looked amazing.

I honestly dont think they will give him the belt at Extreme Rules which is a complete tragedy in my opinion. I respect R-Truth and hopefully this match will elevate his name to the point where Creative actually takes him serious. He is a hell-of-a talent who's up there in age so this could be his last chance.

Thanks guys for reading my blog and I really would appreciate feedback as well as your opinion on the subject. Be sure to check out my youtube links to some of my music. Be safe and thank you.


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  1. supertaker123's Avatar
    i like the fact christian gets a chance but r truth well i like the fact thatt was random i wanna see wat will happen on the payperview
  2. JalenTigh's Avatar
    I can easily see Christian as a main event-er and as the Champ, but R-Truth is miles and miles behind many other credible members of the RAW roster and brings nothing to the table. I was honestly expecting him to be one of the soon to be released.
  3. tad locust's Avatar
    R-Truth is a good wrestler and worker but the fact that he had zero momentum when he won the contenders match makes no sense.Christian deserves to be WHC more then anyone and its great to see him in the main event.
  4. King Scrapper's Avatar
    If this was John Morrison who was in the triple threat match, we would all be saying that yea he deserves a title run, but since it's truth, some of you guys are immediately shutting it down as a viable option. Truth is better than Morrison!! R-Truth deserves a title run even if it's short. And i definitely don't see him being released any time soon. he's much more over than many people think.
  5. youngshaz's Avatar
    I agree R-Truth is brilliant , people are not happy about him being a contender for the WWE Champion because John Morrison deserves it as well . I would send John Morrison to Smackdown as he probably will be a success after Christian wins th eWorld Heavyweight Champion . Christian vs John Morrison , i do like the smell of that
  6. WWTNA Mark's Avatar
    Great blog Knox. Anyways, I would like to say that i'm happy that both men are finally getting a World title shot. Its really been long overdo. Christian has tried his hardest to reinvent himself from the E&C days and has tried to be his own man which I respect him for. I really hope his day will come when he becomes World Heavyweight Champion. R-Truth is also a guy i'm a fan of. The IWC may not like Truth and what he brings to the table but he isn't that bad. He could do anything thats asked of him like jobbing to get the new guys over and you have to respect that. Truth in his NWA/TNA days was gold and if he can just show the same personality he had in TNA, he will make a promising World Champion. Well we all know Truth isn't going to win at Extreme Rules but at least he is getting a shot, thats all that matters.
  7. kersh's Avatar
    another thing about christian. when he left wwe he was a stable story line. he hung around a couple after (pay or no pay not sure) just so the tv side of things looked right. a true preformer
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