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R-Truth: Pros and Cons of being #1 Contender

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So apparently we have ourselves two number one contenders for the Miz's WWE championship. One of them being -- John Cena. Are we surprised? No. However, the next one is definitely a surprise. In fact, he is one of the last people I expected to contend for the title. R-Truth. His win has caused a huge uproar in the IWC with a majority of the internet fans trashing him for his win. Well in this blog, I will give you guys my opinions on the subject and hopefully help fans look at this from a positive aspect.

Now. Let's get this out of the way. Does R-Truth deserve to contend for the world championship? H-E-L-L NO! Before the 5 man gauntlet match on Raw, R-Truth has jobbed in every single match he has had in recent memory. He had no momentum going into the match beforehand, has not been involved in any storylines or feuds since Nexus 2010, and is still feeling the effects from his GREEN BAY botch in Milwaukee. So in a nutshell, WWE has failed to really give R-Truth the feel of a WWE championship #1 contender. Both Ziggler and Morrison (especially Morrison) deserved that spot more than he did. In fact, something tells me that spot was originally supposed to go to John Morrison. Unfortunately because of his recent backstage heat, WWE probably took him out to punish him and put him in the doghouse. As a result, R-Truth got the spot because they probably plan on using him as an excuse for Miz to retain the title at Extreme Rules. Regardless, the fact that the bookers rushed R-Truth into the spot without any real build towards the title just goes to show you how awful these WWE bookers are. Seriously, out of all people to push into the main event spot. CM Punk. Dolph Ziggler. John Morrison. Evan Bourne. Daniel Bryan. Hell, even Mark FREAKIN Henry. I'd even take Santino Marella. At least they have wins behind their names. But out of all of them, you settle for R-Truth? Ugh. I'm assuming this was a last minute decision because if this was planned months ahead of time.... Vince Russo booking at its finest.

Well anyways, we know about the cons of R-Truth being pushed into the main event spot. Now, let’s look at the Pros.

First off, I can already guarantee you Truth will not be winning the world championship (or riot will befall WWE headquarters if he does). So this may be WWE just testing the waters with R-Truth to see if he how he fairs on a main event level. Meaning, we could be seeing R-Truth step his game up over the next few weeks and show us what he is really all about. Kind of like Dolph Ziggler did with Edge back in January. Whether you like him or not, R-Truth is a decent wrestler and he has decent microphone skills. He was entertaining to watch in TNA (back when it first started) and I'm sure if WWE lets him go out there and showcase what he can do, he'll most likely put on one hell of a show. Not to mention, the on-screen relationship between John Cena and R-Truth could change as we move closer to Extreme Rules, which could make up for a very interesting storyline. How Miz plays into this will be interesting as well since he has history with both Cena and R-Truth (US title feud in 2010). In the end, all this will do is strengthen the reign of The Miz, develop the character of John Cena further, and perhaps mold R-Truth into a credible wrestler ... oh I'm sorry .... Credible ENTERTAINER to look out for on a weekly basis. He has the skills to be a contender; R-Truth just needs to get some credibility under his name and develop a stronger persona.

Alright. So after looking at both the pros and cons; honestly, I think people are overreacting just a tad bit. Yes, I'm just as upset as everyone else most likely is that Morrison did not get the spot, but that is his fault and his fault alone. However, I think people getting upset at R-Truth and trashing him for getting the spot is ridiculous. Give him a chance to at least impress you. He could surprise us. You never know. This is a perfect opportunity for good ol' K-Kwiq to show everyone watching at home and backstage that he is definitely someone to take seriously. So for his sake, he better not fuck it up. Otherwise -- its mid-card hell for life. By then, he won't have to worry about WHATS UP because he'll be going nowhere but going down.

And that’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the Truth.

Thoughts and opinions are welcomed in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.

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  1. miraistreak's Avatar
    I already liked this blog because it wasn't the typical IWC whining about why doesn't [their user name] have God Mode on WWE/TNA Booking and how they're 100% right. Then you made the ENTERTAINER reference which made this blog epic. That's WHAT'S UP!
  2. nickdipasquale's Avatar
    R truth Sucks actually...
  3. dondorian's Avatar
    i agree with this 100% he has incredible cred.......cause of his tna days......and starting off with the road dogg in the wwe when he first appeared on the screen he just needs to look more serious
  4. Enforcer23's Avatar
    maybe a heel turn would be a great idea for him.....
  5. knox's Avatar
    This is a great blog I love this blog

    I feel this was a smart move. It was a curve ball on the WWE's part and it gives an unorthodox wrestler a chance to showcase his skills in the mainevent. Physically R-Truth is the opposite of the traditional world champ. Traditional world champs are white/canadian, wear tights, have huge bodies, subpar in ring skills but great mic skills.

    R-Truth wrestles in jeans wit a design, he's black, but he actually can wrestle. I think its a great idea because its cool to see a blackman in the mainevent. I mean I dont understand how the WWE has had credible black wrestlers but they never push them past the US Title.

    MVP was World Title Material. He had the perfect gimmick, was an exellent heel, perfect mic skills, aggressive in the ring and a long US Title Run. He was superstar ready and they turned him face and drowned his character.

    Kofi Kingston was at the top of his game. Multiple time US/Intercontinental Champ. He was in the feud of his life with Orton. Made one small mistake and his push was dropped.

    But yet the Miz can blossom to a feud with Cena, to US Champ, to Tag Team Champ and finally to WWE Champ.

    Why is it that so many black wrestlers get demoted in the middle of their push. I'm not playing the race card but its a shame when the last black World Champ was Booker T which was forever ago.

    And yes I know the Rock was black but I mean the WWE needs to start building credible wrestlers from all races. We've seen our share of White, Canadian & Mexican World Champs but the WWE needs to build a serious Black and Japanese World Champ and stop making them only good enough for the United States Belt.

    I even think Shad could've been World Champ material as a strong heel but he wasn't given much of a chance before being sent back to FCW.

    Once again great blog. I just think the WWE needs to make more stars credible. I'm dying to see a Ted Dibiase Jr & Kofi Kingston push because I believe those two are World Chmpion Material
  6. CDave3's Avatar
    R-truth will go heel, Dont be surprise if he does win the title.
  7. Harlem's Avatar
    What most people forget, is the fact that R-Truth has beaten The Miz before. I believe he beat him for the United States Championship last May or June, until losing it in a Fatal 4 Way in about a month later. So R-Truth has the skill.
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