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WWE: Extreme Rules Triple Threat Match

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So the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules is a triple threat match between The Miz, R-Truth and yes.....John Cena.

I would have preferred to see The Miz v Randy Orton v John Morrison. How has R-Truth managed to get a WWE title match? Don't get me wrong, he;s a good worker in the ring but he is not one of the potential top superstars. I remember at Vengeance PPV in 2002 with The Undertaker as the current WWE champion defending the title against The Rock and an ever improving Kurt Angle (hot off his feud with Austin through Summerslam 2001 through to the beginning of 2002).

And why, after such an awful performance at Mania 27, is Cena still considered a number one contender for title matches?

And why do we need to have another Lawler v Cole match. If the one at Mania 27 wasn't painful enough, we have to go through the embarrassment one more time that includes JR in the tag match....

With Edge's retirement tonight on Raw, I think that unless they give Del Rio a decent title run, they will merge the Heavyweight Championship with the WWE Championship at some point this year and make Smackdown just an additional show for Raw stars to appear in, as they did back in the days of The Attitude Era.

The Extreme Rules PPV card is a let down again and maybe this will be one they should scrap. There are too many PPV's from WWE and a good few seem to just go through the motions without giving the audience something fresh, something exciting, something controversial.

On a final note, I made a point on previous blogs that The Miz is a breath of fresh air as the WWE Champion and hope he is given a decent run this year as the Champ. My only comment is that they get rid of his sidekick Alex Riley. To date, The Miz has not defended his title successfully without some form of interference. All this does is undermine The Miz's ability as a Champ and as someone who can do it on his own, which is what he deserves.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    I think R-Truth being put in the match is a huge plus. Its something different. Ofcourse Orton is still working a feud with Punk so we knew he would lose but I honestly thought Morrison was going to win but R-Truth winning is even better. The crowd loves Truth and Truth is absolutely awesome in the ring. His gimmick is whack but that needs work.

    Honestly I can see R-Truth being WWE Champ before Morrison because he knows the business alot better. He workd well with his workers, he has good backstage relationships with fellow wrestlers and upper-management. Vince McMahon actually loves the guy.

    I think Morriso lacks respect but he definitely does have the full package. I absolutely love both Morrison & Truth.

    The Miz vs Morrison vs Truth would've been so different and amazing at the same time. Seeing three new face headlining ppv's seeing as Miz is a new maineventer. This match could be awesome because I think Miz has finally proven that he can work good matches against the best in this business. But instead we have to see Cena again in the mainevent.
  2. helmsley's Avatar
    yes, you have three new faces in the main event if the match were miz vs morrison vs truth, but were is the prestige for the title then if all the newbies can get a shot????
  3. knox's Avatar
    Yea u make a good point Helmsley...but I feel they are developed enough to challenge for the belt. R-Truth has been U.S. Champ before and Morrison has been ECW, Tag & Intercontinental Champ.

    What takes away from the prestige of the title is when they let New Comers like Del Rio mainevent wrestlemania in like his first 4 months on thr main roster.

    Or how Wade Barrett was maineventing PPV's

    Same with Sheamus winning the belt so quick.

    But Morrison & Truth are developed if u ask me
  4. Smilie's Avatar
    Great points will be good to see R-Truth perform for sure and I do like his ring performances...a great worker....@ Knox, totally agree - the WWE have this thing of getting a guy win a title within 4 months or so of being introduced - I mean, what was all that about when Jack Swagger won the Heavyweight Championship last year????
    I do think Wade Barrett should have been pushed as a singles performer - I was impressed with his heal character but the storyline with Cena was ridiculous and to end it on the whim it ended up being was an utter joke...........

    I two questions for anyone interested....
    1: Thoughts on The Rock v Cena....can it be as good as The Rock v Hogan from Mania 18?
    2: Does anyone want to still see Cena in a Main Event on PPV?
  5. kenjinator's Avatar
    In some ways, I kinda agree with you on some of the points you made there. I agree that it was already painful witnessing Cole vs. Lawler at Mania27 and yet it does not need to be repeated again. I also think unifying the WWE Championship & World Heavyweight Championships wouldn't be such a bad ideas as there aren't many main event stars to challenge to either belts on both brands therefore by merging them together there is more challengers and possibly better matches being thrown together.

    As for the main event at Extreme Rules, I do think it's going to be rather dull. To me, John Cena, R-Truth & The Miz are all ok on the mic but their wrestling skills are somewhat limited and yet The Miz is still improving as a wrestler ... I would have preferred to have replace R-Truth & Cena with John Morrison & Dolph Ziggler instead. Two guys who have much more potential and future champions (although Morrison is a former ECW Champ & Dolph a former World Champ) who would be able to give The Miz a good run and match for the championship.
  6. tad locust's Avatar
    I was hoping it would be Ziggler vs Miz vs Cena because Ziggler truly deserves it.Also, Cena has enough star power to make A match with 2 Heels intresting.
  7. Smilie's Avatar
    Great points Kenjinator - I really think Dolph Ziggler is being wasted and can be such a great character and a heal - in the Sycho Sid or Mr Perfect kind of role....I really think he can carry a title shot....but they have to get rid of Vicki Guerrero.... I was really impressed with John Morrison at The Elimination Chamber - he made some great moves and was the highlight of an otherwise dull WWE Championship match....
    The Miz adds some great colour to an otherwise stale Raw product....with Shawn Michaels retired, Triple H virtually retired (until he fights Undertaker again), there isn't much else going needed the likes of The Rock to come back and get bums on seats for the last 6 weeks on Raw.....back in December 2009, Raw's rating were going downhill because TNA had signed Hogan and in order to capture the viewers, McMahon had no faith in Cena (the so called face of the WWE) increasing the viewers - so he asked Stone Cold Steve Austin to feature as a special host and also Bret Hart in January 2010.....this is the problem.....back in 1998, McMahon brought in Mike Tyson to try and overtake WCW in the ratings (WCW were number one at the time), and the gamble worked, but in fact it was Stone Cold Steve Austin's infamous promo with Tyson when Austin gets arrested in the ring that won the audience over and it was Austin that was in fact the face of WWE but carried the company during this insecure period....Cena is not capable of doing this and it really annoys me that WWE keep pushing him as the number one is beyond a joke....let's move on and get some of the other guys, including Dolph Ziggler the chance to reach the top
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