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10 ways to fix the WWE

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Ok folks, I have it. This is how to fix the WWE.

1. Unify the WWE and World titles, call it the WWE Championship. Get rid of the stupid spinner belt, and the title is defended on both shows to allow EVERYONE to have a crack at it. It would make for better and more interesting matches and it wouldn't be the same shit day after day.

2. Unify the Womens and Divas title and call it the Womens Championship. Same protocol as the WWE title (defended on both show, etc.)

3. Tag titles stay as is.

4. U.S title absorbed into the I.C title. Also defended on both shows.

5. Bring back King of the Ring tournament but make it a PPV as before. 20 man tourney, 10 RAW, 10 Smackdown guys. Winner gets a title shot at Summerslam.

6. Before he retires, change Undertaker back to the American Bas Ass. I'm sure most would agree he was the most entertaining as a biker.

7. GET RID OF VICKIE FUCKING GUERRERO! Let's face it folks, she's not entertaining. She's only there for the same reason Rey Mysterio was World Champion. Because Eddie died.

8. Quit with so many themed PPV's. I'm all for Hell in a Cell matches and Elimination Chamber matches, but only one at a time and in a rare instance like it used to be.

9. Push new guys. I'm a HUGE Triple H, John Cena, and Undertaker fan, but let's face it, they won't be around forever. And I think that the WWE is gonna drag ass and have no established superstars to take the ball when these guys retire. It's that way now, HBK retired, Triple H and Undertaker are hurt, and Batista left. There's really nobody established except like 9 guys (Cena, Orton, Seamus, Kane, Mysterio, Big Show, Edge, Jericho, and Punk) and that makes me a tad worried about the future. Push McIntyre, Kofi, Miz, Morrison, DiBiase, Rhodes, Gallows, Masters, and MVP. The Nexus is a good start but let's face it, only a few will last more than 2 years. So push some new guys.

10. And finally.....BRING BACK THE HARDCORE TITLE!!!!

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  1. Undertakerislegend's Avatar
    Bring back the tv14 rating, also make the US title like the European title,nix the Divas title. Bring back the cruiserwieght title.
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