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The Rock v Cena @ Wrestlemania 28 & Cena as the face of WWE?

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I'm not at all surprised by the announcement - I did however assume that Summerslam 2011 would have been the favourite PPV for the match, especially in order to carry the feud between the two superstars for the next few months. By holding the match a good year away, it means we will have forgotten about the feud for a good while until it resurfaces no doubt by the beginning of next year and the run up to Wrestlemania 28.

While watching Raw live, Cena announced that his match versus the Rock will be a WWE Campionship match - that poses a number of problems for me. The one that concerns me most is that I have never rated Cena and already a year down the line, he has been guaranteed a headline spot at the biggest WWE PPV of the year.

There are also a number of other concerns:-
1: What happens at The Royal Rumble or even at the last PPV before Wrestlemania 28? Because we know that the Cena v The Rock will a WWE title match, that means we will already know the result of both previous PPV's leading up to Mania 28, especially if, as expected, Cena will be defending the WWE Championship at those PPV's.
2: There is a chance either The Rock or Cena can sustain injuries prior to Mania 28 - what's Plan B for McMahon and Co?
3: Has the eagerly anticipated match predictions for Mania 28 gone out of the window as we now know what the main event is a year in advance?
4: Did McMahon not notice the boos from the Raw crowd last week when The Rock screamed that the match versus Cena will be at Mania 28? The WWE Universe would rather have the match up in the next few months rather than wait a whole year.
5: Can The Rock v Cena top Mania 18's The Rock v Hogan. I don't think it can in any shape or form. Remember in that match, Hogan was heal and the crowd was actually shouting out Hogan's name and booing The Rock - it was an amazing moment and the match itself was surprisingly good by Hogan standards. I cannot see Cena, as heal in this match, getting the crowd on his side.

Cena as the face of WWE? He never was and never will be. He has never carried WWE in the last 7 years. When WWE have relied on increasing their ratings, what do they do? Get The Rock or Stone Cold to make guest appearances. Bring back Bret Hart. Reform DX............I cannot think of a "classic" WWE match Cena has been involved in, where I've walked away and thought "Wow, the guy is good!"

For me, Randy Orton v The Rock would have got me really excited as a match up! It is a shame the WWE creative team and McMahon do not listen to the fans............

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  1. candlelarbra521's Avatar
    Look whether you like or not Cena is the face of the company. Mabye they couldn't put it @ summerslam because of the rocks schedule. the Rumble winner will face the WHC at mania. Cena Rock doesn't have to be a title match. WWE can put the belt on cena then have him lose it two PPvs out. That would shake things up.
    If one gets injured or rock decides to focus on movies and doesn't do it than WWE are screwed, simply put
  2. Smilie's Avatar
    Agree with you 110% - I was only going by what Cena announced to the crowd on Raw last night that it will be a WWE title match between him and The Rock to make it "special". And yes, WWE will be screwed and even though I am 110% against it, accept that Cena will continue to be the face of the company........wonder if he will get the top billing when he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, and I only go by this because his popularity is nowhere near the likes of Hogan, Austin, The Rock, HBK, Undertaker, HHH, Bret Hart etc........
  3. Chaston80's Avatar
    1. I dont see The Rock backing out of WM28 and "screwing" the fans because he screws his own career if he does. So regardless if Rock does it for the fans or for you skeptics who think Rock will do it for a paycheck, Rock cant back out or he damages his own career.
    2. If Rock gets injured then we would just have to suck it up and say there is always next year. If Cena gets injured, well I hope Orton takes Cenas place and gives us a better match.
    3. Cena is the face of WWE to the dismay of many.
    4. Since it is announced that Rock will be doing things part time, you never know, he might be the one to walk into WM28 as champion...they have a whole year to do things that we dont know about and might not see relax and just look forward to next year.
  4. Smilie's Avatar
    Agree - Orton v The Rock would be one to watch!
  5. maar13's Avatar
    Look at it this way, Cena is the Face of the WWE, we all might not like it but it is a fact since he got traded to RAW in 2005. Yes, he gets a lot of boos, but is the one that sales more merchandise. Truth be told I don't like his character, but has come to accept his character is what the WWE is aiming for and has since The Rock and Austin departed.

    The Rock VS Cena won't be for the title, it doesn't needs it and McMahon knows it better than anyone, just like Rock VS Cena didn't need it and to a lower degree Taker VS HBK never need it.

    If there are any injuries ( I don't think WWE will risk The Rock and will find a way to go around bringing him back) something else wil come up, that is the little part of wrestling that is still unpredictable, they not always have a plan B, that is booked on the fly.

    And on terms of buys, who knows, maybe it can top Rock VS Hogan since truth be told,WM X-8 was not the most viewed Wrestlemania of all time, and in this case, Cena is going to be a face (like the Rock) but the heel by crowd choice (like The Rock), that is fact because it will be in the The Rock's Hometown.

    And on Cena's announcement, he is full of sh*t, he knows he won't be champion that night, a title run maybe but by WM 28, he won't be champion because neither guy needs a belt for that match, just like Hogan VS the Rock didn't need it.

    So like Chaston80 said, relax, there is still a whole year to look forward to.
  6. printz1224's Avatar
    i don't think it'll be a title match...or at least it shouldn't. cause then it'd be 99% guaranteed Cena wins
  7. The Hitman's Avatar
    The Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan
    The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan
    and now John Cena vs. The Rock
    the match for the ages LOL .... cena gonna win :|

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