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Please Stop With All the Pay Per Views

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Ladies and Gentlemen, something tells me that I’m not the only fan out there who thinks this abundance of pay per views needs to stop. I’ve been watching wrestling since very close to the same time as the first Wrestlemania, which means I’ve seen lots of things change over the years. Back then pay per views were a BIG deal. I mean hell, the WWF didn’t even come out with its second annual event until after Wrestlemania III. Then after the Survivor Series came around, it’s like the rest started trickling in once every year or so, until we ended up with what I consider to be the main five (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, King of the Ring, Summerslam, and Survivor Series).

Now personally, I think this was adequate. This gave the superstars enough time to develop some serious fueds between each other. It also gave us fans plenty enough time to build up anticipation that would eventually culminate at whichever event was next. It used to be so exciting watching each week and see two guys mess with each other. It could’ve been by interfering in each other’s matches, terrorizing their rival’s manager, or just seeing each of them being forced to team up in a tag match that would no doubt end in ruin.

Now I’m not stupid. I know pay per views bring in money, and especially with WWE being a publicly traded entity, it has little to no choice but to do anything under the sun to please the shareholders. But is it really worth sacrificing so much quality just for the extra quantity? Honestly I can’t even tell you how many pay per views WWE has in a year now. I’m estimating it’s at least 10. Go ahead and correct me if I’m wrong. But what in world can possibly be so exciting at a pay per view when you know they’re just going to have another one in a few weeks?! Not to mention, the roster is so thin with main event quality these days that the matches we see on Sunday nights once a month are pretty much the exact same thing we see every single week on Monday and Friday. I recently ordered that train wreck known as Wrestlemania 27, and I was appalled. Now I’m not going to get into that because I already wrote a blog just on it, but I do still think it’s worth mentioning that the supposed “granddaddy of them all” only had two titles on the line, and neither one of them changed hands. Weak weak weak.

Finally, I’m going to close with this one last and often overlooked point. Wrestlemania cost me sixty-five bucks this year. A normal pay per view is usually in the forty-five to fifty range. Back in the good old days, they were pretty much a standard $29.95 (except for King of the Ring, which was usually less). Now I understand the inevitable inflation over time, but guys we’re in a recession here. I’m not saying it’s unfair to charge fifty bucks for a pay per view, but the least you could do is give the people their money’s worth. Not to mention, you’re trying to get people to fork out this much cash at least twice as often as you did when I was younger. For someone willing to patronize WWE for these services every time, that well over $500 over the course of a year!!! I hate to bring in sophomore economics into this, but if you flood the market with supply, your demand will suffer. When you’re charging people for each event individually (hence the term pay per view), it doesn’t make much sense to compensate for not providing five good pay per views by giving us twice as many crappy ones. So, do with it what you want, but I’m just saying sometimes less is more. ‘Til next time….

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  1. candlelarbra521's Avatar
    actually its closer to 12 or 13.
    They need to cut down you're right.
    WWE seem to be making all these decisions to make shareholders happy but it ruins the product and in turn ruins the investment. VKM needs to relise this and stand up to them.
  2. kenjinator's Avatar
    i prefer normal ppv names over gimmick ppvs. the more they keep going this direction the less i buy their ppv dvds.
  3. Chaston80's Avatar
    Guys seriously, I dont think its the ppv amount that has to change, its the talent and the story lines and the amount of time matches are given.
    Its been nearly, what now, 13 or 14 years since all the In Your House ppv's started and nearly every year since 96 or 97 WWE put out 10 to 13 ppv's depending on the year. And it seems only recently have I heard how bad ppv's have gotten. PPV's like Backlash or now Extreme Rules or any of the other ppv's that were not part of the big 4 were tools used to strengthen feuds and extend rivalries. But it seems we are so bored because talent and story lines are just not delivering. Its the talent that make the product strong and of course we wont buy every ppv if we dont wanna see who is performing.
  4. Slickman69's Avatar
    I agree with Chaston80, there has been a PPV once every month for years now the only difference was that the wrestling and storylines were so good that it was ok to fork out the money for those PPVs. But now ? I mean look at WM27. It's supposed to be the BEST PPV of the year, the biggest one, the one that you MUST see. Was it good ? No. So when your main show of the entire year is like that how can they expect us to buy those other seemingly meaningless PPVs now ? At this point it seems that WWE is just a money machine, creating bland and boring product but and advertising it to kids who don't know the difference between quality and blandness.
  5. rhleeds11's Avatar
    $65?!?!? shocking for such a poor event. i felt bad paying £15 for it!!
  6. Renevious's Avatar
    Yeah really. I'm from Louisiana, but if this keeps up, I might have to move to the UK, lol.
  7. delvec's Avatar
    agree with Chaston-

    I would like the see the return of the gimmick PPVs esp now with the poor writing. Thats way the wrestlers can go out and just perform and build to a higher quality feud over time. Ya know return the Survivor Series to the 5on5 format KOTR to the tourney and maybe kayfabe a prize to the survivors/King (besides a silly Celtic outfit). A MITB for all the titles except make those cashins have a clause where its for a future event and not sudden but then a Main Event one with the current rules.
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