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Dream WWE vs TNA Matches

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Ofcourse we all talk all the time about WWE vs TNA knowing it won't happen in the near future. I know it won't happen anytime but a man can dream right. I've always believed that WWE had a better product but TNA has the better wrestlers/matches. TNA stars wrestle on Fast-Forward but the product is very dry.


Eric Young vs Santino Marella
These are the two stars that play the on-screen goofball/comedian role. They both are super over with the crowd and they both are very good in the ring which would make for entertaining television.

Kazarian vs Dolph Ziggler
I would say the only difference between these two are the hair color. They both have the same annoying high pitched voice. They both cut great promos and they both are great in the ring. I love Dolph's in ring work its so unique and violent. Kazarian has always been a very smart wrestler in my opinion. Would love to see this matchup.

Robbie E vs Zack Ryder
The two jersey shore gimmicks. Interesting to see how a soldout crowd would react to this match. They both aren't anything special in the ring but I feel Zack has Robbie E's number.

Rob Terry vs Mason Ryan
They hail from the same area. They both are freakishly huge monsters. They both are pretty green as far as wrestling but Mason Ryan has more of the look. Obviously WWE weren't too interested in Rob Terry because he had a small snint with FCW a while back. I would love to see the two young beasts go at it for entertainment purposes.

Rey Mysterio vs Amazing Red
I dont know too much about wrestling outside of TNA and WWE but I heard that these two wrestled before. Well I haven't seen it but I would absolutely love to. These two are exciting to watch and would definitely draw.

Sting vs The Undertaker
I guess this wasn't hard to predict. These two are very similar and I'm sure this match would be off the charts. Lately Sting's ringwork has been slipping but I feel the Undertaker has proven time in and time out that he still can deliver big time matches even though he's lost a couple steps as well. It's what the people wanna see.

Kurt Angle vs John Cena
I know that everyone wants to see Swagger vs Angle but I think the WWE dropped the ball on Swagger so bad that this wouldn't even be entertaining. If they kept Swagger in the hunt and in the mainevent mix then I would love to see this match. Point blank, Cena's first match was against Angle. They had mutual respect but clearly disliked eachother. They had alot of backstage heat amongst eachother but had one of the most memorable feuds ever. They worked matches as heels and even vise versa. I loved when heel Cena was feuding with face Kurt. They've crossed paths alot and to Cena even beat Angle to become number 1 contender for his first WWE Championship. They have history and alot of animosity and I wanna see them work again. I wanna see how Kurt can handle an established Cena in the ring. I wanna see how crisp Cena moves will be against the Gold-Medalist himself.

Cm Punk vs AJ Styles
This would be the most exciting match on any card hands down. Cm Punk should be the face of this company as well as Styles is the face of TNA. This would be one of the greatest matches ever.

Jeff Jarrett vs Triple H
I always wondered what kind of star Jeff Jarrett could've been if Triple H wasn't playing backstage politics. I'm not sure if Triple H ever stepped on Jarrett's toes but they always reminded me of eachother back in the day. The founder of TNA vs the Successor of McMahon.

Ezekiel Jackson vs Samoa Joe
These two animals would put on a hellava match. Very physical which is what we ask for.

Kofi Kingston vs The pope
I would have to say this is a race thing. I think they are the most exciting African American wrestlers today. I definitely feel they are both future World Champions is they are booked right. Pope was the most exciting wrestler in TNA. Had the fans on his wing and got pinfall victories over all of the top stars. He was in the title picture and they dropped him. If they would've gave him a title run instead of Jeff Hardy then we wouldn't have to watch 90-second ppv mainevents.
As far as Kofi. He;s the next big thing but the WWE traps him in this stupid gimmick. What more can he do. The crowd gets louder and louder everytime he comes out as if they are begging Vince to push this guy. He deserves it.
I would love to see the two most under-used wrestlers from both companies go head to head.

Randy Orton vs Ken Anderson
BACKSTAGE POLITICS AT ITS FINEST. WOuld love to see these two go head to head considering how Orton got Kennedy fired from the WWE. They both are established stars and can draw huge. This would rock.

The MCMG & Beer Money vs Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel
This match would be huge if handled right.

Kane vs Abyss
Do I need to Explain? lol

The Beautiful People vs Lay-Cool
I think all four of them have been very immature regarding their situation. Beautiful People need to realize that the wrestling business has recycled and stole many gimmicks. SHut up and deal with it. Lay-Cool mainly Layla needs to shut the hell up and dont respond adn consider it as paying homage to the original beautiful people.

Brutus Magnus, Desmond Wolfe & Doug Williams vs Sheamus, Drew McCintyre & Wade Barrett
This is what you call a show-stealer. This would draw huge.

Edge & Christian vs The Hardy's vs The Dudleys

The Miz vs RVD
Just a card filler. When people question the Miz's in ring ability, he always delivers. RVD is amazing as well.

Vince McMahon W/Bret Hart vs Hulk Hogan W/Bischoff...Special Guest Referee - Steve Austin in a FULL ROSTER LUMBERJACK MATCH
The Mainevent of the night. This is the biggest dream match. The two would face off for control of both companies. No in all seriousness this is the pinacle of wrestling right here. Vince created the Hogan character. They played politics on eachother for years until Hogan turn his back a second time on McMahon. This would be epic. Stone Cold as the ref with Bret Hart on Vince side. Bischoff prissy self on Hulk's side. Wouldn't be much of a wrestling match but seeing those two in the samering would deliver. Steve Austin hates Hogan. Bret Hart hates both Hogan and Eazy-E. AWWW MAN IF DREAMS CAME TRUE lol.

Thanks guys and leave your opinion. Tell me some of yout dream matches and we can have a friendly debate. God Bless. Check out some of my youtube links.

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  1. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    that wud be greeeat!! wow apart frm RVD VS miz, miz dusnt belong in the same card as RVD lol
  2. randymarsh118's Avatar
    good stuff man. every match would be awesome
  3. tad locust's Avatar
    I remember when Styles faced Punk in ROH and they had a great match so it would be really intresting for them to go against each other in there primes right now.The rest of the card is good to but I would rather Joe face Bryan.
  4. youngshaz's Avatar
    i would love all them matches , ive got dream matches of my own as well , i want you to check them out
  5. youngshaz's Avatar
    P.S there is loads of matches
  6. straightedge916's Avatar
    All for WWE

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