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Next Generation of Wrestling

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With the Undertaker vs. Triple H WrestleMania build-up focused around the ability to perform at their ages, now is probably a good time to look at who can stand in to take their place.

Firstly it should be noted that both Undertaker and Triple H can still perform to the highest level. Some people seem to think that Undertaker is ‘past-it’ but he’s far from it. His last four WrestleMania matches have been not only the best matches on the cards but also of the years. Obviously Shawn Michaels, Edge and Batista can take equal credit for their performances but for his size and age Undertaker is simply outstanding. The ‘Cerebral Assassin’ on the other hand can still have good matches but hasn’t had a classic match in years, hopefully something WrestleMania 27 can rectify.

This isn’t all WWE’s fault it should be noted. The younger guys brought in who made it have all but vanished. The Rock retired when he still had years in him, Brock Lesnar could have been the future of the company but decided for a change of career, Goldberg never had his heart in wrestling despite being super-over, Jeff Hardy let his problems get the best of him, Kurt Angle wasn’t handling the WWE calendar well although he could probably get a Undertaker like contract,

Looking through the roster there’s some talented young superstars who just need little changes to go to the next level.

Guys like Sheamus, Miz, CM Punk and Randy Orton are perfectly fine on their current path. They are developing while being on the top and personally I’ve been impressed with Sheamus’s growth on the mike, he could go on to do well.

John Morrison is such an exquisite wrestler who could, based on his talent, be just as good as Michaels or atleast Jericho. I’d love to see him and Miz battle for the WWE belt and I think Morrison has the ability of being over as both a heel and a face. But the one thing holding him back is his charisma. He doesn’t seem confident on the mike and until he can verbally battle with Miz he won’t be good enough for the top.

I can’t take Dolph Ziggler seriously enough to give him a long enough paragraph. He reminds me far too much of ‘The One’ Billy Gunn.

Both Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger have both been taken off the boil. Bourne possesses the ability to be fighting for belts and the crowd is already behind him. Swagger on the other hand could have the ability of Kurt Angle, a fantastic build, heel look and big matches. The writers have ruined this again though by making him a joke which is such a shame for a guy with his potential. Maybe the answer is to have a rivalry between the two over the Intercontinental/US belts because they probably could have some good matches.

Daniel Bryan is on the right track with the Sheamus rivalry as he looks competitive. He should go up against Miz in the future but at the moment Miz needs to be wrestling top-level superstars to look like a proper champ. I’d like to see him and CM Punk go head-to-head because I’m sure these two could have classics.

Cody Rhodes is getting better matches, more experience and is looking more confident on the mike every week but the same can’t be said for his former tag partner, Ted DiBiase. The death of the tag division is such a shame in these cases. Only 10 years ago the Dudleys, Hardys, APA and Edge and Christian were setting the division alight. I’d think that if the tag division meant something then promoting his younger brother Brett from FCW and having them compete would be beneficial to both.

The tag division problem also affects our next two. DHS and Tyson Kidd should still be a team helping create an interesting tag division but WWE saw fit to split them and see how they do. I’m not surprised they both aren’t doing so well seeing that the writers never gave either of them a second dimension to their characters other than the fact they are related to good wrestlers.

Lastly we come to the biggest problem in WWE…John Cena. The man’s over with the kids which is great for merchandise but he’s quite simply boring. It’s not just his fault though; the writers haven’t helped the situation. He went from the cocky rapper that everyone liked at WrestleMania 20 to respect everything bore by WrestleMania 22. He was always better as a heel but WWE knows that if they change him it could affect merchandise sales. Apart from that he needs to re-energise a tired move set, actually not look so invincible that nobody believes he can be beaten and be willing to lose to some of the rising stars when he’s not got the belt. I’d be interested to see if the writers could do the impossible, having him be a heel to the adults, not just a hated face, and a face to the kids.

Overall there are some young talented guys in the group. If the changes I recommended were put into place I’m sure they all could do some good. I think the important thing is that WWE also looks to other companies for talent rather than always their youth system as it’s boring to see the superstars wrestle the same way. Personally I think Samoa Joe would be a good acquisition. He’s been underused since Hogan took over at TNA and he showed great promise when he was battling Angle such as the great MMA style match. The Briscoe brothers could add new life to the tag division and I’m sure Colt Cabana and Stevie Richards would certainly do well if they followed in CM Punk’s and Daniel Bryan’s footsteps.

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Updated 04-03-2011 at 07:44 PM by Frank

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  1. Nate the Great's Avatar
    There is nobody to take the place of The Deadman and Triple H. Once they leave, all we have is a champ who sneaks wins, even at the biggest show of the year, and John Cena who actually would be okay if he could be a tweener for teenagers and not such a nice guy to kiddies. I mean look at Austin when he was on the rise. Cussing, kicking ass to heels and babyfaces and selling so much merchandise. If Vince just sits down and thinks about these things, he could make good business moves and make everybody happy(except kiddies) .

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