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My Opinion of WWE

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Let me first start off and say i am an irish wrestling fan who attends TNA and WWE events when available and for the summer i have stayed up until 2am to watch RAW live and i also watch Smackdown and iMPACT every week.

I do not read spoilers so i did not know what was going to happen this week. I missed this weeks RAW on monday and it only occured to me earlier on today to look up what happened. I watched the episode upon reading what happened and wondered why should i care? Raw has became a shadow of its former self. I dont even think i will wait up next week.

The Nexus angle made me excited once again but it seems like that is cooling off. SummerSlam had one match i wanted to see which was the WWE title Match to see if Sheamus could finally beat a main eventer, instead he got a DQ, which i was waiting for the GM to send a email, which is pointless, to do what they did at SummerSlam 09 so we could at least get a clear winner.

Night of Champions will most likely see Sheamus steal the gold again. Sheamus is not Edge. He should be a dominant heel. Where does WWE go from here? Kane attacking Undertaker was predicible,Randy Orton as a face is quickly becoming stale. They should be creating Main Event storylines for guys like Dolph Ziggler(Face turn and feud with Punk over lifestyles), Morrisson(heel turn and feud with , DiBiase(Give him, or let him buy, Money in the Bank), McIntyre(Win the belt and feud into Wrestlemania with Taker). Give these guys the Main Event.

I will sound like a TNA guy though when i say i like the show. Beer Money and the guns had amazing matches and should have been the main event, as were Angle/Benoit-Edge/Mysterio 2002 series. Fortune will only succeed if they end ECW once and for all. The Pope and Anderson are two of the best on mic right now and i am excited about No Surrender. But TNA does have a long list of things they need to change in order to compete with WWE.

Will i tune into RAW next week? I do not know if i will be in College again on the tuesday. WWE is extremely stale right now and i do not see it changing any time soon. I agree with Heymans assesment that anybody over 40 should have their heads chopped off. Triple H has been in the Main Event for 11 years almost non stop. Austin was there for 6 years, HBK for 5, Rock for 4. He should be building the newer stars and forget about politics and ego. Until i see a main event featuring 2 new ,non world champions, stars, i dont think il be excited to see RAW again.

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  1. ceetee's Avatar
    it will happen one day, we just have to wait. as a fan you should enjoy it anyway i think the only thing that sucks about wrestling is that TNA's maineventers make it look extremely fake and put no effort.
  2. Enlgish_TNA4LYF_FAN's Avatar
    i totally agree with u 100% niavf1
    everyting u said was so true and an echo of us old wwf fans that are beaing turned away frm wwe

    TNA has alot of potential and its wrestling quality is a lot better than wwe
    they just need 2 shows!

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