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The Artful Dodger Presents: Theme Music and Perception

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Hey yall. My last blog didn't get any responses, so I'm not sure if it sucked or if I did something wrong when posting, but its cool either way. Today I would like to talk about theme music.

As I stated in my last blog, right now I am not able to watch wrestling due to where I live, but I still follow. This means that when I get back home and turn on Raw or Smackdown, I might be a little lost at first when I hear a generic rock theme music, until I actually see the wrestler. So this got me thinking about some of the best themes that really hype me up for a wrestlers entrance to the ring.

I know there is a lot of Cena hate on here because of his character, but growing up with Hogan, I actually kind of like his Superman All American Working Blue Collar gimmick. I hate that he wins all of the damn time, but I get pumped to see him when I hear the beginning of his music. It psyches me up for his entrance, and I'm closing in on my late 20's.

Shawn Michaels is another one. Sidenote: Favorite wrestler ever. When I hear the opening "Ah, Ah, Ahhhh... I'm just a kid" I get giddy. I feel like I'm a kid again watching my favorite wrestler.

Stone Colds glass shattering.
The Rocks "If you smellllll..."
Edge's "You think you know me"
Randy Orton's "I hear voices..."
Undertakers gong.
Kane's organ.
The car crash of Mick Motherf'n Foley
DDP's Nirvana/Self High Five music.
The opening riff for the NWO
Hell, even Diesel's truck horn.
Kofi Kingston's reggae.
and now...
CM Punk's new music.

This is what gets me hyped for the character, whether they are face/heel/tweener/hero/anti-hero... anyone.

I think that one reason I could never get behind Batista was his sucky sounding generic hard rock music. Not to mention the fact that he sucked in other ways, but I couldn't even get behind the entrance of the guy. I hate to say this next line, but I couldn't get into Bret Hart as a kid because I hated his little guitar riff, and he was a face for a long time. He was the guy that would give his glasses to the kids. I should have loved him, but his music turned me off.

I have gone back to the youtube video where The Rock comes back, and you can hear the pop of the crowd when they hear "If you smelllllll..." Even watching it on youtube, a couple of weeks after it happened, and had read the spoilers, I still popped when I watched that entrance.

I guess I have rambled on quite enough. I just wanted to say that I wish more wrestlers would have distinct music. Something that truly sets up their character. I know that some will disagree and say that everyone has distinct music, but I just can't agree with that. A lot of music just seems too similar to me.

- Artful by name, Dodger by nature

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  1. JackBauerIsAwesome's Avatar
    I think you're right. Music does play a huge role of how fans relate to a wrestler. For example Alex Riley's song is kick ass and really allows the fans to get behind him. On the other hand Otunga and McGuility's song sucks horribly. The right song is definitely a key point to fan reaction.
    Updated 08-31-2011 at 10:36 AM by JackBauerIsAwesome
  2. King Scrapper's Avatar
    Good blog minus the Batista hate. I did like Batista's music and I thought it really helped his character a lot. But music plays a huge role in characters. To this day, I'm still not into Bret Hart because of his corny music. But music plays a huge role. One of the examples that comes to mind now is Sheamus' song especially when he came out monday night to help John Cena. The crowd went wild and i think a large part of that is because of his music.
  3. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Interesting blog. Yeah I see what you're saying! My only exception is Randy - I hate his music. His first theme song under his Legend Killer gimmick was f'n epic.
    Batista's music was lame after a while, but I marked a bit when he returned from a long injury and his music hit.
    Also Triple H's Motörhead song, especially when he returned to square up to the Undertaker. I wasn't into these spoiler sites at the time so another mark-out for me.
    After writing this my first comment should say "Great blog!"
  4. QTheJackson85's Avatar
    I agree with you but Bret Hart's theme is the ish lol
  5. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    Super blog,,i mark out when the Glass shatters,If U Smell,,Gong,Time to Play the game,Cult of personality etc.Music does play a big role.1 theme u 4got 2 add is Y2J BREAK THE WALLS.Just like u im in high 20s as well,but i still have goosebumps with the above mentioned musics.
    Keep bringin awesome blogs like this 1 m8..
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