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Why is TNA ignoring the X-Division?

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The TNA X-Division Title. Once upon a time it was the very cornerstone of the company itself. This was what set TNA apart from the WWE. They even went as far as using a six sided ring to give their high flyer’s more ways to pull off new and exciting moves. But that was then, and this is now.

Back then, you had some of the biggest names in TNA making the X-Division the thing to watch. A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Petey Williams, and Low-Ki (now Kaval in WWE) just to name a few. It wasn’t unusual for an X-Division match to steal the show at a pay per view, and be more exciting than the main event.

So what happened? Three little words. Hogan and Bischoff. Despite the last few weeks being better than average, and the recent improvements on Impact, the X-Division is still on the back burner. Since the Hogan/Bischoff regime has taken over the focus has been all on the World Title, and the pushing of the heavyweights. Now I do understand the importance of having a strong World Champion, and the building of new stars to challenge for that Title, but you should not kill the very thing that got the company noticed in the first place. Especially since its those fans, the ones that started watching TNA because it was so different, that are starting to turn their backs on the show they once loved. Why bother watching something that is now just like the WWE, but not as good, when you can just watch RAW or Smackdown?

So what can be done to fix this? Well that answer is very simple. Just allow the X-Division to do what it does best, and that is to have exciting matches. There should always be at least one match on Impact, and a Title defence on every pay per view. But how can this renewed focus begin? Well for starters, they can bring back/start using the current talent that has been for the most part sitting the bench. Homicide has already quit the company, so they should act fast before his actions trigger a domino effect among the others who are not being used. People such as Eric Young, Kiyoshi, Suicide (put somebody new under the mask), Amazing Red, and Generation Me. It would also be a great idea if they brought back something like the World X-Cup tournament. Seeing talent from around the World compete, even if for a short time, in the X-Division is exactly the kind thing that would bring in some new fans, and remind the older ones why they started watching TNA in the first place. It would also be a good excuse to bring back Petey Williams, but that’s just my opinion. ( I miss seeing my home town boy)

But one of the very first things that should happen, is to end this boring, tired, going nowhere angle of Doug Williams “schooling” the X-Division guys while sucking all the fun out of his matches. Take the Title off of him, and lets get back to some real action.

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  1. mwinfie's Avatar
    i agree they need to reinvigorate the x devision and for what its worth sacking sting would probably free up enough money to rehire the entier x devison roster (homicide, low ki, elix skipper, pete williams, christopher daniels, rodrick strong, sonjay dutt and all the rest). However i dont think the best way is to take the title of Williams. The idea of a champion who dislikes the highflying style that made the x devision is actually a good idea. Pitting Williams against guys like amazing red could get him great heat and still promise a good match. However they totally ballsed up the whole point of the angle by putting him against kendrick...a guy who wrestles a mat based style. that ultimate x/submission match was aweful. I'm very happy that the world title picture isnt Rhino, Jarret, Monty Brown and Kevin Nash dont get me wrong, but i miss the x devision. It doesnt need stupid stories or overpayed over the hill just needs time
  2. "nasty" nate padberg's Avatar
    I agree with this infinity percent. the x division was what made TNA. the best thing about it, was no weight limit like the light heavyweight/cruiserweight belts. and yes, the x division always steals the show, look at TNA's first monday night live show, limelight was given to the x division. suicide wrestles on explosion, with a new guy wearing the mask. petey williams was a great loss to TNA in my opinion. miss the canadien destroyer greatly. great read, look foreward to more in the future..... a stellar 2 thumbs up
  3. djsoulslayer's Avatar
    I abesolutely agree with just about everything u said down to the last period. What else can I say? Great blog!
  4. Enlgish_TNA4LYF_FAN's Avatar
    yes i also agree, doug williams angle was good 4 a while but its startn to dis-place the name of x division, he is a global champ contender and in my eyes a world champ contender but does nt in no way shape or form belong to the x-division
  5. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    Agreed. I don't watch much TNA, but I have been watching the classic X division matches that the company has had in the past on youtube. Those days are gone I'm afraid, and TNA need to do something quick to bring it back as i't's one of the big plus points the company has (or had).
    I say start an X division revolution or something with Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, Amazing Red, Brian Kendrik, Generation Me and say a returning Suicide (Kiyoshi I believe is playing the character these days, but the character hasn't been seen on tv for ages), and have these high flyers start a campaign to 'save the X division' or something! Also Hurricane Helms is meant to be coming into TNA, he would be a welcome addition to the X division I'm sure. Just a thought.
  6. comaband76's Avatar
    I agree 500%!!! That's one of the reason's I started watching TNA. If Dixie says that she listens to the fans.....BRING BACK THE X-DIVISION AND THE SIX SIDED RING!!! It's what set TNA apart from the other competition. You know Jarrett can't be too happy about all of this. Bring back Petey, Sonjay, Senshi, The Naturals, Johnny Devine, Christopher Daniels, Matt Bentley, etc....And yes, a X Cup would outstanding. What wasted talent! The guys who built TNA is being pushed aside. AJ and MCMG need to SAVE THE X-DIVISION angle, or something! Doug Williams as X-Division Champ? Really? Quit smoking crack Dixie/Hogan/Bischoff!!!
  7. nightman's Avatar
    Thanks for all the posetive feedback guys. I am pretty much a newbie around here, but I have been doing my blog for about a year now. I joined this site to try and share some of my older posts, while also adding my new ones, and hopefully some fans along the way. : )

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