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John Cena, CM Punk and the WWE today.

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Hello EWN. I've been a long time visitor of this site and just recently joined. This is my first blog. It will be a bit long, but will give a different insight on the Cena/Punk angle.

There are Cena fans who think that there is no reason for Cena to be disliked. That definitely is not true. He has his good points but has his faults as well.

good mike skills (one of the best in the company)
has the ability to carry matches and put others over

limited move set
reluctant to move out of his comfort zone
matches outside of pay-per-views are predictable and can get boring
overuse of the 5 moves of doom to end matches

Each point is something he needs to work on, but at the end of the day, none of it warrants the level of hatred the guy meets every time he enters the ring. Despite what I listed, the main reason his detractors hate him have more to do with how his in ring character is portrayed by WWE creative and less to do with him. They are:
1. he has been a face for over 7 years straight
2. he is the main guy in the company
3. he panders to kids and women with colourful shirts and other merchandise
4. he is today's version of Hulk Hogan

Every point has been mentioned by his detractors, but Cena is not responsible for any of it. Vince is the one making the decisions as to how Cena will be used by the company. Vince is the one who abandoned the chain gang/white rapper gimmick for the marine and Super Cena. Vince is the one who had the FU and STFU changed to the AA and the STF. If Cena tried to do whatever he wants and go against Vince, he would be buried. Whether you're at the top or on the bottom rung, you have to do as Vince wants, end of story. I will agree that the heat Cena has gotten from the fans has had somewhat of an effect up till last year, but is now irrelevant. In fact, by booing Cena and cheering Punk, his detractors are playing into Vince's hands. I will explain what I mean by that later, but first I will address Punk.

CM Punk has been one of my favorite wrestlers since he debuted in the WWE version of ECW. He is one of the best wrestlers in the company, argueably the best overall. That's why it bothers me that he is now so beloved by the fans because of the worked shoot he did back in June. Punk should be appreciated for his in ring talent, not just for a five minute promo that he did on Raw. It was a great promo, mind you, and had me guessing for a second if it was legit or not. That's how good it was. However, it was just another worked shoot, nothing that many others have not done in wrestling. It feels special because they have been few and far between since the end of the Attitude Era, but is nothing revolutionary. Not like Austin 3:16 was. If people really care so much about in ring ability enough to hate Cena for it, then they should have appreciated Punk for his great skills before he opened his mouth pre MITB. There are those who did, but the explosion in Punk's fanbase has been because of the promo, not his work in the ring. It's funny how many of the people who claim to be Punk fans did not give a damn about the guy four months ago, but are absolutely in love with him now.

I'll address that worked shoot as well as others since then. I've noticed something that I believe is the direction that WWE have been going with him as of late. Anyone who believes that Punk goes out and says whatever he wants is kidding themselves. What he says may not be 100 percent scripted but the WWE tells him what he can and cannot say and he would not dare go beyond that. What's happening with Punk is that the WWE is using the IWC against the IWC. Vince has been wondering for years why so many wrestling fans have turned their collective backs on his show and I believe he has found the solution in the IWC. Vince and his creative team monitor what is said on websites and use it to create and further storylines. This storyline with Punk began after it was reported on sites like this one that his contract would soon expire. Then came the worked shoot. Everything Punk said, from the stuff about Cena to dreading Steph and HHH taking over the company, is stuff that has been said on the interent by wrestling fans for years. Instead of ignoring them like in the past, Vince is using what is being said to further his interests. Even recent reports are being used, like when Punk mentioned on Raw last week about Nash using Just For Men, and when Punk mentioned the firings of DH Smith and Chris Masters on air. Punk is not saying what he believes, he is saying what WWE creative want him to from reading what we are saying on the net. The only thing Punk is a defender of is his paycheck, not the male WWE fan, and there is nothing wrong with that. Cena and everyone else in the company do it too.

I'll now address why the intense hatred of Cena is pointless. Those who believe that they are defying Vince by rejecting the status quo and the crap that the corporation is force feeding people by booing the hell out of Cena and cheering for Punk are kidding themselves. In fact, they're doing the exact opposite. Vince does not have to worry about that anymore because he has dual top faces in his company now. Cena panders to kids and women while Punk panders to the men. The two men combined are doing the job that Vince wants, and the job that Hogan did back in his day. Booing Cena means nothing, especially since they are using the booing in storylines against Cena. Punk's actions are just a ploy, and its working since so many are buying into it.

Also, a lot of Cena haters are selfish. Though I'm sure they will not admit it, most of them were Hogan fans back in the day. They loved Hogan's colourful yellow shirts, they loved how he cut his face promos and pandered to the kids, they loved his merchandise, they loved when he used to rip said colourful yellow shirt in the ring. Those same fans were the ones who revived Hulkamania after the Rock/Hogan match at Mania. They did not care about his very limited move set, his lame finisher or that he was the biggest panderer to kids in wrestling history. They loved him regardless of everything that they hate about Cena. Why should the kids of today not have their hero as many in the IWC had in the 80s and early 90s. It's not only unfair, but silly.

Orton is also being affected by the trend that is being created by the IWC. Orton was a heel before he was turned to a face because of the constant cheers he received. He became the number two face in the company, and now his detractors are coming out of the wall. People are complaining about Orton and are comparing him to Cena, even going as far as calling him Super Orton, a reference to the Super Cena insult that is often used to refer to him. Yes, both Orton and Cena do tend to squash guys in storylines. They both took out the Nexus singlehandedly. But that is how it is when you're a main event face. Hogan, Rock, Michaels, HHH and Austin all did the same thing throughout their careers, so why expect something different now? It was not a problem then, so why should it be one today? I would not be surprised if three years down the line I won't start seeing Super Punk discussions with former Punk supporters accusing each other of being Punk marks and how they can't wait for his big heel turn. This kind of stuff really needs to stop because it is counter productive.

To wrap this up, Cena does have his faults, but does not deserve the level of hate that he receives. Both he and Punk are doing what Vince wants them to do, nothing more, nothing less. Punk has been refreshing but is far from revolutionary. Copying and pasting what is said on the internet into a promo is nothing special. The current storyline should just be appreciated for what it is, as it is a sign that the WWE is trying to cater to the fans instead of ramming what they want the fans to like down their throats. Evidence of this can also be seen in the current Beth/Natalya/Kelly Kelly storyline, and it will be interesting to see where that will go. Booing Cena like crazy did achieve something, but is now pointless, and people should just move on. At the very least, the guy should be applauded for even being in those storylines. Do you think Hogan would ever do what Cena did with the current storyline, using all the crap that is said about him on the net on WWE TV? Do you think that Hogan would lose twice to a guy like Punk on consecutive pay-per-views like Cena did? Would Hogan make mention of anything like the 5 moves of doom and him pandering to kids in a storyline? At least he is trying, his haters could at least give him that much. Hopefully there will be a lot of good wrestling to come because of it.

That was longer than I thought it would be. I hope good debates will be sprung because of it.

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  1. belleza's Avatar
    "Punk has been refreshing but is far from revolutionary."

    (Y) i agree...for now great blog, very well thought out, nice structure, organized, clear, and good opinions!! can't wait for another yayyy
  2. The Brown One's Avatar
    Really long blog! But it was a great read. I do have a feeling though, that in a year or two we'l be getting people complaining about Punk.
  3. jonny316's Avatar
    WWE uses every tool at its disposal to get ahead. They have been known to manipulate the dirt sheets and they use the internet to their advantage. But, I do not think CM Punk needs to look to the IWC to find things to say about WWE's booking policy on mid card talent or the fact that Kevin Nash has a reputation that he is bad for business. Punk is in the business and would know those things. The reason why it is getting over and resonating with the fans is because it happens to be true. If he was looking to the IWC he would not be saying lets make this fun again, he would be saying lets make this more serious than a triple heart bypass.

    Plus, wrestling ability alone will not make you a big star. There are lots of great wrestlers out there that will never get to the top solely on the fact they cannot talk. There is no point in working a five star match if you cannot put the people in the seats. Over the last year CM Punk reached a Roddy Piper level when it came to mic skills. The only difference between the two is Piper never got a good push.

    By the way, VKM is not the enemy, why does everyone make out like he is an evil manipulative genius that is hell bent on screwing us over (He might be, I have never met him). If you do think he is some sort of super villain, then you're playing into his hands, because that is what he wants you to think.

    P.S. I actually like Cena, but I reserve the right to boo him, why? Because it is fun and makes for a great atmosphere. It is pantomime, stop taking it so seriously.
    Updated 08-31-2011 at 10:25 AM by jonny316
  4. zerosystem's Avatar
    I've been a wrestling fan for over two decades and care about the WWE since I've invested so much time in it, but I don't take it seriously enough to be offended by anything. When it comes to Cena, I just think that the hataration is getting old and people need to move on.

    VKM is not evil, but the future of the WWE rests on his shoulders, for now, anyway. My problem with him is that he does not care to make the WWE the best show it can be for the fans. Instead, he wants to dictate to the fans what they should like, hence why the product took a big hit post Monday Night Wars. He has been changing hsi stance a bit as of late, which I hope continues.
  5. jonny316's Avatar
    I stopped watching a few years ago because I knew what was going to happened before it happened. Over the last year it has been a lot less predictable (For the most part) and there has been some great stuff. I do not know what you don't like about the show or what they can make bettter. But if you are talking about these worked shoots that seem to be popping up, believe me if they keep going to that well they'll run out of water. The end of the brand extension can only be good, renewed efforts at establishing a tag team division is good and I cannot remember a time when the WWE had so much talent at its disposal. It's all good, the future is bright.
  6. ArtfulDodger's Avatar
    Good blog.

    VKM is an evil genius.... and also.... Hornswoggles FATHER!

    You really did make some great points though. Long, but good.

    - Artful by name, Dodger by nature
  7. searle's Avatar
    i used to like cena when he first started the gimmick with his rapping, it was funny but now he does the same moves in the ring over and over again and his mic talk is starting to get boring, he says same thing all the time, if u wanna fight lets fight, blah blah blah, hes a mirror image of what hogan used to be like bk in the day and i used to hate hogan too, get bk to attitude era turn cena heel and let him loose on the mic again and for punk yea hes a great wrestler but alot of people watching wrestling like certain wrestlers cos either they good on mic and a good at getting their attention or a awilling to jump 10ft off a ladder or dive off a cell, lol, fans dont care much for the technical moves, all about entertainment at the end of the day.

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