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WMania '11: A Letdown; WWE Aims for 2012

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Simply put Wrestlemania 27 was a major let down. After all the hype for weeks, especially around The Rock's role at Wrestlemania, we, as fans, assumed big things were going to go down on the big night. It never really happened. What is clear, is that The Rock's involvement in the last few weeks has been a launchpad for the bigger picture - Wrestlemania 28 - the main event match versus John Cena.

I was also very surprised by the mediocre build ups between key superstars and their matches at Mania since The Elimination Chamber. Randy Orton v CM Punk stood out, as did The Rock - which was really nothing to do with the actual WWE title, but Edge versus Del Rio, Rhodes v Mysterio could have had more spice before the big night.

I assume that the WWE have now put the Royal Rumble on the back burner of importance - just like the US title match which never happened. A Superstar that won The Royal Rumble could gloat they would feature at the Main Event at Wrestlemania - not anymore, as Del Rio's match with Edge kicked off the night and was put as a mid card match......more embarrassing, Michael Cole's irrelevant match versus Lawler was given more airtime.

It also took two veterans to rescue what was becoming a dull PPV - The Undertaker v Triple H - just like The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels rescued Mania's 25 and 26.

The Rock coming out to rescue the WWE title match and interfere was all too obvious and just too safe.....especially with the huge build up over the last few weeks......what would I have done differently?

1: I would have added Christian to the Heavyweight Championship and make it a Triple Threat Match, with Del Rio winning while Christian and Edge start a feud which goes through to a major showdown at Summerslam. Del Rio is a breath of fresh air and deserves a chance. I'm getting bored of Edge as Champion. He is a great performer but not too great on the skits or promos....for example, The Mitz is a more interesting champion.

2: The Big Show v Jackson would have been a better match than the worthless 8 team tag match which lasted a few minutes.

3: Kane v Barrett match

4: Morrison v Ziggler singles match - Morrison is a superb in ring performer - his Elimination Chamber performance was amazing and Ziggler is an underrated superstar...this would have been a very good match to watch.

5: Scrap the Cole v King match

6: Scrap the Divas match with Snooki

7: Make the WWE title a triple threat match - The Rock comes out and says he wants to give both Cena and The Mitz a good kicking and as Host has decided to to it in the title match.............The Rock wins and uses his title match win as a platform for a Rock v The Mitz title match at the next PPV, with Cena's interference, it launches a platform for The Rock v Cena at Summerslam..........Wrestlemania 28 is too far away and you could hear the boos from the crowd when both superstars shook hands on this on Raw the next night.

I agree that the WWE is in transition.....there is not enough collection of great superstars at one go - we regard The Attitude era as one of the best parts of the WWE history because you had a collective group consisting of Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Kane, Triple HHH, HBK, Mankind with the added mix of Vince McMahon..........these guys knew how to cut a promo and how to give the crowd what they want as well as being great performers in the the moment, all I see is Cena being pushed and my opinion is he is over rated - always has been.

WWE should consider some changes urgently that I am sure will make WWE a lot more watchable and interesting - hopefully by pushing this group of stars for a good time, we may well be able to start talking about a new era that could rival The Attitude era......

1: Del Rio needs to be Heavyweight Champion
2: Edge v Christian feud needs to kick off soon and the promos need to be hot
3: John Morrision needs to be pushed - he has the looks, the moves, the talk....he can be a continuation of the HBK character to some extent.
4: Push Ziggler - but without his Manager Vicki Guerrero - I can see him building a character that becomes a tough SOB like a Sycho Sid or a Curt Henning....
5: Push The Mitz as WWE Champion
6: Randy Orton needs to headline - he is the complete performer in the WWE at the be on a mid card match at Mania was wrong
7: CM Punk......he has always been better as a sole performer and not as the leader of some group.....he is a great wrestler and also needs to be headlining - where you had a triangle feud of The Rock v Austin v Triple H, I really think feuds between The Mitz, CM Punk and Orton would work really well........

All the above is just my personal opinion and I am sure others on here will also have some great ideas...would be great to hear them.........I am now seriously wondering whether paying over £15 for a Wrestling PPV is value for money after the lack of quality at Mania 27.

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  1. SaveUsY2J's Avatar
    Nice ideas. I like the del rio christian edge idea, and i think it will happen in the next few ppv's.
    I'd then feud del rio with mysterio while rey can still go (but not have him win the strap)
    Cody rhodes in a program with kofi would work if kofi is given more cred with big wins first.
    Or if y2j came back he and cody would be awesome.
    Turn hhh heel and feud him and morrison, putting john over BIG.
    Cena/ziggler would work if booked well enough. Sheamus, bryan and sin cara US title feud would put on amazing matches. Miz v punk v orton would build miz so well. Put justin gabriel with bourne and have them as tag champs to re-build the division. Re-introduce the hardcore belt for the remaining roster to pass around in the mid card, that was always entertaining. Have big show as a nasty heel raw gm who knocks out whom ever he wants. no one would mess with the GM and no one wants to see him in matches either.
  2. ChosenOne's Avatar
    Who is The 'Mitz'?
  3. ChosenOne's Avatar
    Otherwise, a good blog. Personally, I would have brought the Rock back a few weeks earlier and built to Cena vs. Rock at this WrestleMania and given the Miz someone else to face.
  4. nightclover's Avatar
    I would like to see this go down for a wrestlemania even though i know it a long shot...

    1.miz vs morrison for the title

    2.shamus vs wade barrett vs drew Mcintyre for the IC Title.

    3.del rio vs orton

    4.Taker vs cena

    5.edge vs christian (tlc) match,for title.

    6.Ray mystero and sin cara vs justin gabriel and Heath slator vs Daniel bryan and Evan Bourne for the tag titles.

    7.MITB match with.kane,big show,Ted Dibiase,cm punk,Ziggler,cody rhodes,

    I would need to add one are two more matches,just can't think of them now.
  5. Smilie's Avatar
    I realised The Miz....great ideas and agree that The Miz should have had a different opponent - I think Morrison would be a great shout.....and like the TLC idea....that could be a remake of Wrestlemania 2000......
    I also think they need to respect the Tag titles - I mean when you are inducting legends like The Road Warriors into the Hall of Fame the night before, I just don;t get it. Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels are two legends that started their WWE careers as Tag team performers - would Show and Kane v Jackson and Barrett have been a good tag match?

    I agree that Y2J is missed - his last run was good as a heal - he does it so well!

    I also forgot to mention in my blog as a future change, but I think they have to make Cena a heal. Its the only direction his character can go. The look he has is dates, too childish and no one will ever take him seriously.......
  6. ChosenOne's Avatar
    @nightclover - a bryan / bourne team would be fantastic, very entertaining. Now that Bryan seems to be out the U.S. picture with the Sheamus / Cara incident, it would give both guys a focus.
  7. Smilie's Avatar
    Great shout! Bryan / Bourne would be a very good one......I was impressed with Cara's debut on Raw this Monday but not sure if that mean's Mysterio is slowly going down the retirement road?

    I also thought they could have done more at Wrestlemania between Stone Cold and The Rock...their meeting backstage was too brief - especially as they had a major rivalry that lasted four years - and there is a Rock v Austin rivalry DVD coming out later this year by WWE.

    I just think the whole Wrestlemania event came across as though it was put together last minute with no real though process.........really gutted it could not have been more...a major lost opportunity! On par with Wrestlemania 25, when it was mean;t to contain many legends to celebrate 25 years and yet again, that one was a major disappointment.
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