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WM27: I liked it! mostly...

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I watched WM27, had some beers, this came to my mind as I watched:

Rock promo: The pop was cool, promo not as good as his first raw one but still good to pump the crowd. Maybe a tad too long, but you could tell rock was feeling awesome to be back in front of 70,000 which is good enough for me if it keeps him excited enough to stick around for a match or two.
Title of ‘host’ was a bit misleading. Backstage segments weren’t classic rock humour sadly, but cool to see Austin and Dwayne on screen. That’s all I have to say on the Rock sans the main event.

A shame the US title match was nixed, this was a bout I was highly anticipating. It will be saved for raw and raw really could do with a great match like this considering the recent standard of Monday night matches.

Edge del Rio opener was unexpected but not bad. US title would have been an awesome opener but one shan’t dwell. A few had a problem with Del Rio winning the rumble only to lose in the FIRST match at mania. I thought it was fine. The opener is a prestigious spot on the card in my view. Where else would they have been placed? The main event wasn’t moving, right before or right after the streak would have overshadowed a title bout, and anywhere in between would seem shit too. I really enjoyed the match aside from the length, the 6 minute car segment could have been swapped for more ring time. That aside though, the edge flip to the outside was nice, he hadn’t done it since his wwe debut in 98’ which resulted in breaking his opponents neck. I looked to see if Del Rio was holding his neck after the spot, he wasn’t.
A couple other nice spots like the top rope kick, super arm drag and such gave a nice pace. I’m always a fan of the Rodriguez interference and having Christian there was a bit blah but oh well he’ll be included in the feud soon enough. The car thing should have been done on smackdown BEFORE mania but I guess they need some motive to continue the feud.

Cody/Rey was terrific I though. The crowd were rather comatose during this one which took away from it a bit but that’s cause few care for cody. Constantly going after the knee brace added well to the match psychology. Some great sequences here and cody came off dominant. Nice ending and most people hate it but I love heel Michael Cole defending the clearly crooked heels ahaha. I hope it continues. Great win for cody, mysterio is at a stage where he can still make the younger guys look awesome whilst staying relatively high up.(Remember his epic 25 min IC match with Morrison some time ago on smackdown? Props to him for selecting to feud with cody who was sinking fast like DiBiasie (who should be PUSHED!!)

8 man tag – Not going to complain about this one because there’s no point. I liked the bombardment of finishers and my friend laughed at santinos homo walk to the ring. Not sure where The Corre are going, but I do know they are worse than the nexus, and the nexus are terrible. Give Gabriel a nice IC feud with bourne or something. Or better yet, team them up and rebuild the tag team division. (which is HIGHLY likely…)

Orton/Punk. Punk is the top heel in the biz today, that’s a fact. Well not really but that’s my opinion. It really makes a difference when guys take years to work their way up to the wwe through the circuits instead of a 6 month farming course. Just look at punk, bryan and Jericho. This was my favourite match of the night. The pre match recap reminded me just how good the build was thanks to punk. The whole leg angle of the match worked so well in making punk the ultimate bad guy. I loved punk laughing to himself after he just escaped the rko. I thought the finish was great. So what if Orton could spring for the rko but not run for the punt, it was a cool spot.

Lawler vs Cole. After seeing what cole has gotten away with the past few months, I was expecting much more brutalityt. Coles promo did it's job. The cowering in the cole mine was fun. King looked to dominate there. But then things went rather, well, poorly booked ☹
We were made to believe after months of built up rage, King was beaten enough to just lie there whilst Cole stomped away at his leg for MINUTE UPON MINUTE. Definitely lost the crowd here, I couldn’t help but think of Hart-Vince last year. The monotony set in until Austin got ‘physical’ and king gave a less then satisfying offensive. I know he’s 61, but a few stiff scoop slams or at least the pile driver would have made this interaction slightly better. I would have made it a street fight and had king beat coles ass all across the arena, that’s always fun even if there are no wild spots. Austin was understandably included to add some spice to the bout, but honestly we all know what to expect from an Austin ‘special ref’ match by now. Slight physicality, a stunner or two and some beer chuggs. Did I mention a stunner? Nevertheless, a couple stunners here and there are always enjoyed no matter how inappropriate. I wasn't bothered by the GM. I JUST WANTED TO SEE COLE BLEED!!! Is that too much to ask for? Probably.

To be honest, despite having JR and king call the rest of the show, I love Cole with his extreme bias along with the petty arguments with king. For the record I don’t like cole when he’s simply an unbiased announcer, but heel cole, gimme gimme! Maybe it’s me but I much preferred Takers old theme music. An epic start got the crowd hot which is always good. The crash into the cole mine, back body drop off the announce desk (sick spot), spine buster through the Spanish were all crowd pleasers. And oh golly, Takers death valley dive over the top is just about half the reason I order wrestlemania each year, so you can imagine my jubilation when he did it. For most matches, I’m a fan of teasing a finisher until it finally connects once and that’s all she wrote. An overused finisher in one match (one on one) devalues the move. But I was willing to make an exception for this one because after three pedigrees, the streak really proved to be an insurmountable task (psychologically) in terms of how deep taker will go to defend it. Personally, I thought the ending was too dragged out, taker was on his back for too long with HHH doing little during that time aside from saying “stay down”. I knew we’d see the sledge hammer and the hells gate was rather sudden in a good way. I liked the booking at the end showing taker coming out worse for wear despite the win. (I think it was booking otherwise, YIKES!) All in all a great match from two veterans who hadn’t wrestled for almost a year and a half collectively. I was fine with no involvement from HBK, I can’t really see the point of it if he’s already wrestled his last match. No feud could come from it.

Mixed gender match: I wasn’t bothered by snooki. She was there to draw numbers cause vince is a smart guy and it worked. Sure I don’t care for her, but she was only in the ring for 12 seconds and an impressive 12 seconds at that (in terms of her handsprings), I could care less for the ‘splash’ finisher. Trish showed no signs of ring rust, she really is the diva of the decade. Morrison’s starship pain to the outside was pretty sick. Hopefully these two will have a nice long feud through the summer. I just hope Morrison doesn’t become the new Shelton Benjamin in terms of tremendous in ring ability but poor promos.

Miz/Cena: I didn’t like this match. I give miz a tonne of credit for where he has gotten himself to, but I can’t help but think it’s slightly too soon. Building him for a year or two longer with semi high profile feuds would have done him a world of good. He can cut decent promo’s, but they still need work and a good promo doesn’t get you a good match. I’m not a Cena hater but I’ve never been a big fan of him or his matches. They just aren’t memorable to me. There are exceptions like vs HHH at WM22 and HBK at WM23 which had me hopeful that he’d pull one out for WM27, but in the end, the match was only raw worthy and I truly think things were let down by Miz’s lack of ring prowess. He will be good in years to come sure, but when it comes to a good match, especially involving Cena, it takes two to tango. The whole rock part was ok I guess for him to get payback for the FU. But this could have been done on raw. I guess they wanted to feature Rock giving Cena a royal screw up at WMl where they will have their largest audience of the year which is fair enough. But a solid 25-30 minute match between miz and cena would have gone down better with some rock action after the match. I still like Miz as the champ providing he is booked well, not like some weasel whom relies on DQ’s and interference to win, he wont gain any credibility to become a true foundation for the future that way. I could really do without A rye, I know he is just a wrestler trying to catch a break but he makes miz a bitch.

A number of people had differing opinions to mine which is cool otherwise everything would be the same which is boring. But in my view there were a number of solid matches here to justify my purchase. The Rock looks promising in terms of some sort of a feud with Cena which hopefully means a match, c’mon who wouldn’t want to see the rock in the ring again? I am fine with the money in the bank being excluded also, there has really only been one great one (WM24) and the 8 guys are just thrown together and spend 78% of the match lying on the floor waiting for their spot. Hopefully we’ll see Taker and HHH stick around a couple more years as they proved tonight they still have it. Punk is awesome. After this WM, I still say edge-foley was my fav match since WM22. Looking forward to raw, stone cold, Rock, US title, sin cara. Until then!

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  1. Saiga's Avatar
    this pay per view sucked. you need your eyes checked man.

    all the matches were rushed & even the good ones didn't mean nothing.

    you speak but there's no logic to it.
  2. Smilie's Avatar
    Not sure how this PPv is viewed as quality...its one of the poorest Wrestlemania' logic to having the Royal Rumble winner in a mid card match..which the opening match of a Wrestlemania always has been.......what happened to the US title match? Why put a legend like Stone Cold Steve Austin in that utter rubbish that was Cole v Lawler? What was that 8 team tag match all about....each wrestler did one move and that was it...........
    Yet again another over hyped, over rated and over expensive PPV by WWE........
  3. mwinfie's Avatar
    Agree with a fair bit of this stuff, i think was ok with it rather then liked it mostly, but i only thing i veihmently disagree with here is hearing micheal cole, i think his style more now then ever is inntolerable. It was like drunken heel don west in tna, it detracts from the matches
  4. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I agree with most the things you said; I just have 3 comments:

    1) People are complaining about Christian's lack of involvement, but his job was to keep Brodus Clay from interfering and his sick tornado DDT on the outside took care of that;

    2) Can't stand Cole. If he was a heel manager, he would be great, but having to listen to him rant and rave for a 2-hour show or 3-hour ppv is way too much; and

    3) I think The Miz gets a bad rap for his in-ring ability. The fact is, anytime you're in a match with Cena you're expected to carry the match for 15-20 while Cena lays there like slug, waiting to pull off his "dramatic comeback" routine. This could have been a really good match if there was a good pace with back and forth action rather than Cena laying there getting kicked for 15 minutes.
  5. gokhanx99's Avatar
    i liked it. good ppv all in all in my oppinion which is what it is do i need my eyes checked aswell lol
  6. Bralon23's Avatar
    I thought the ppv was good. No one else thinks this, but I thought the Edge-Del Rio match was tied for 2nd best match of the night. It was something about the spear from out of no where that just topped off a great match to me. And Cena sucks at wrestling, but he had a pretty decent match with Batista in WM 26 for some reason. I don't know how that happened, but he just needs someone to sort of help him through his matches and we all know Miz isn't ready to assume that role.
  7. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Miz deserve to be in main event I think he did Alright given the fact he was a afterthought to mosti believe he needs to speed up though

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