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Rivalries...where did they go?

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This is gonna be a tough subject to hit upon since its true that rivalries do still exist, however they feel so lack luster nowadays that I feel like we really dont have any real rivalries to speak of and Im gonna do my best to hit the point as best as I can with a few examples from past years. Ok here goes...

Remember Triple H vs The Rock? If your a long time wrestling fan and were around for the attitude era on better remember it. Cause in my humble opinion, it was one of the top 5 rivalries of all time. These two guys had so many matches together that its impossible to count, yet they always put on a good match if not a great match. From their feuds over the Intercontinental Championship to their battles over the WWE title. These two were great to watch and you couldnt wait for the next match. No matter if it was a 2 out of 3 falls match, ladder match or Iron Man match, Rock and Trips didnt dissappoint.

However today, we dont have that...we dont have build ups and multiple matches with the two same guys that can carry us for months at a time. Again I know this is gonna be a hard point to drive home since we have had a few rivalries over the past few years...Edge vs Cena, Batista vs Undertaker and Triple H vs Orton. But is it just me or does that feeling of a really great feud seem to be missing though? Today we have matches that last 3 minutes if that and gimmick matches have been set for ppv themes, ie...Hell in a Cell and TLC. And it also seems that matches come and go so randomly that one week we have Shaemus vs Kofi, then next week Shaemus vs Evan Bourne for no real reason at all except to have a match to fill a time slot.

Im not totally discouraged by what we have today by any wasnt that long ago we had a series of entertaining matches featuring Cena and Orton from their Hell in the Cell to the Iron Man match they had which was good. And we have potential for great rivalries now...Orton vs Punk could be classic if done right. I hope these guys give us more matches for a few more months. However it just seems to me that the feuds today go so quickly and the build up and matches so short that we dont really have any opportunity to see what two guys in the ring can do and it was evident that the WWE doesnt seemed concerned about this as they were quick to dump Shaemus vs Bryan quickly.

I dont know, you tell me what you think of todays rivalries and matches and tell me if you think Im just not seeing it. Or do you agree with me that the concept of a feud is not as evident as it used to be?

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  1. gokhanx99's Avatar
    i liked cena v orton. it realy felt like orton wanted to kill him lol
  2. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I would agree to a point; especially on Raw. But Smackdown has had a bunch of rivalries to the point where it was getting obnoxious. Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler fought over the IC title for months, having literally 1 match per week including PPVs. Mysterio v. Del Rio lasted for months until the RR, and now we have Del Rio v. Christian/Edge. Although I do agree that we are missing memorable and/or great feuds.
  3. Sony's Avatar
    Why is it that every time somebody mentions being a long time wrestling fan they alway mention the attitude era. The attitude era was great, but the 80s wrestling era (the rock n wrestling era) was also great, many would argue it was better. The rivalries were great in the 80s, better then the attitude era even. Can anybody name better rivalries then the 80s, such as hogan/macho man, macho man/steamboat, rick rude/jake the snake, Jake the snake/million dollar man, flair/sting, flair/dusty, (some of these rivalries could have been very early 90s). The rivalries were better maybe because they took the time to build the rivalries over months upon months. Since there were only 4 ppvs a year, wrestlings orgs took the time to explain what the cause of the rivalry was and took the time to slowly put the seed of the rivalry into the storyline. These days, actually for the last decade, a rivalry begins during a segment when a wrestler in being interviewed and is interrupted by another wrestler, or is bumped into during a backstage segment. If that is not bad enough, 2 weeks later they are featured in a ppv as a match. Makes me not care for the rivalry, therefore, not care what happens before, during, and after the match.
  4. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    @Sony: I can only speak for myself but I am guilty of referring to the attitude era a lot of the time. For me that is because that is when my interest in WWF/E began. When you're 8 years old and you see Stone Cold Steve Austin get assaulted and removed from the arena during the Royal Rumble match, only to come back and almost win it, it's like watching your favourite superhero in action. I'm sure that's how you feel when you think of the 80s, and for what it's worth I've seen a few of the Hogan/Macho Man matches and they are, to steal a line from Cole, "Vintage" WWF.
  5. Sony's Avatar
    I'm definitely not hating on anybody who references the attitude era, it was also a great era. I just feel that all the greatness the 80s had when it comes to wrestling gets overshadowed by the attitude era. I loved the attitude era also, but I think I actually like the 80s a bit more. I found the attitude era was carried by a handful of wrestlers in the WWF/E, such as Austin, Rock, HHH, and Shawn during its early day. There were others but their impact was limited in caparison. I actually think WCW actually had a better and more interesting storyline with the NWO...well a at least for the first year before it got watered down by the executives (thats a whole different topic that will take to long to get into). But, for the people who complain that the NWO was a one trick was the Austin vs Mcmahon storyline. It went on entirely too long (not to mention WWE trying to recapture the magic with Mcmahon vs HHH, Mcmahon vs DX, Mcmahon vs Cena, Mcmahon vs Taker, Mcmahon vs Hogan, ect). I`m getting off topic here, back to the issue, Attitude era was great, but the overall product was better in the 80s imo. Better feuds, better characters, better PPVs. Once again, not hating on the attitude era, just expressing my opinion.
  6. Hannah's Avatar
    I agree with you to an extent...there isn't great 'blow your mind outta the water' rivalries. I think the reason why because it's nothing personal..there's nothing personal there. Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, didn't Eddie say that he was the father of one of Rey's kids? (RIP Eddie <3) Randy Orton Vs Triple H, freaking Orton attacked Triple H's in-laws and wife. Umm Edge in Cena was classic, I guess because they're freaking rivalry lasted forever, but Edge got a little to personal in Cena's home life. Like you said Orton and Punk could be great. To me it actually started getting down-n-dirty when Punk tried to get Orton's 'wife' involved.
  7. Chaston80's Avatar
    I love the 80's myself as much as I love the attitude era...I wasnt dismissing the 80's so much as I just was trying to keep my blog short as I have a tendancy to go on and on when I type. I loved the 80's era as I couldnt get enough of Savage vs Steamboat and anything to do with Jake the Snake and Ravishing Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect. I also think the 80's era had the best tag team division ever and the tag team rivalries could sometimes out do the singles competition. The Hart Foundation vs The British Bulldogs was awsome and no one could touch Demolition and the Rockers were always fun.
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