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The Royal Rumble winner to headline Wrestlemania?

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Ever since 1988, the Royal Rumble has been classified as WWE's most popular events. This year, Alberto Del Rio was the 24th winner of the traditional royal rumble match. Alberto Del Rio won by eliminating Santino Marella. Ever since 1990, the winner of the royal rumble would always have an opportunity to face the world champion and headline Wrestlemania. However, this year is a little different from all the other Wrestlemania's.

To headline any event means to be at the top of the event. For wrestling, headlining means just about the same. In wrestling, their is always a headlining match on the card. And traditionally, the headlining match is the main event. Ever since Hulk Hogan won the royal rumble match in 1990, the winner of the royal rumble would face the current world champion at that time and that match would main event at Wrestlemania. For 2 decades, WWE has followed by this until now.

Today is April 4th, 2011 and yesterday was Wrestlemania 27. The main event of Wrestlemania was not Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio. However, it was The Miz vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship. Even though The Miz vs. John Cena match had a better build up than Edge and Alberto Del Rio, WWE should have traditionally had the Royal Rumble winner and world champion main event at Wrestlemania.

WWE has gone through a lot of changes in the past 2 years, but taking away the right for the royal rumble winner to headline Wrestlemania is going against WWE's tradition. What's worst is that the royal rumble winner and the world champion's match was treated like a lower mid card match by being the opening match of Wrestlemania 27.

If WWE wanted to go out big with a big main event, then they could have simply gave the match up between Alberto Del Rio and Edge a better build. Or they could have added in Christian to make a triple threat match since Christian and Alberto Del Rio have a better history. I guarantee you all that a triple threat match between those three men would have definitely stole the show.

Great booking is always the key to a great wrestling event. If you don't believe me, then rewind all the way back to Wrestlemania 17 or Wrestlemania 14.


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  1. jonestown420's Avatar
    you are correct, rewind back to the attitude era and you will see good WWE matches. Which is more important now the world title or WWE title? i dont get it
  2. Chaston80's Avatar
    I remember when winning the Royal Rumble was so prestiges and how it really meant something. The biggest and best superstars won the match and that let you know that this man has earned his way to the top. Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Rock, Shawn Michaels all won the rumble and when they did you knew why. Because they were the ones that could get over with the crowd and put on the best and or most entertaining matches. Now, and I dont know if its for shock value, we have Alberto Del Rio who has not proven anything within the WWE....and its not because he is a heel as Austin and Michaels both won a rumble as a heel at one point. But it just doesnt look as if the superstar that has really earned the right will be winning the Royal Rumble from now on and thats a shame.
  3. Nate the Great's Avatar
    I agree VKM, they needed a better build-up,stick to tradition, and have Christian in the mix.
  4. RampantLion2010's Avatar
    Keep in mind the winner of NXT was supposed to get a tag title shot with his pro at Wrestlemania. What happened to THAT?????
  5. VKM's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by RampantLion2010
    Keep in mind the winner of NXT was supposed to get a tag title shot with his pro at Wrestlemania. What happened to THAT?????
    I don't even watch NXT...But once again, that's another thing that WWE has went against their word on.
    Updated 04-05-2011 at 09:18 PM by VKM
  6. knox's Avatar
    Wrestlemania 17 & 18 were the greatest ever hands down.
    And yea honestly the WWE did a poor job with building up the Edge match and I just dont see how Christian beats Del Rio in a cage match and then beats him again the following but somehow wasnt inserted in this match. And Del Rio (kayfabe) is the reason Christian was out of action so long.

    Honestly I thought Kofi Kingston was going to be in the match too. Him and Del Rio were still feuding after the Rumble but creative dropped that quick.

    Imagine Edge vs Kofi vs Christian vs Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship & The Intercontinental Championship...That could've possibly been one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history.

    Great Blog Dude
  7. Smilie's Avatar
    Great blog and everything you say makes utter sense......
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