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Why Wrestlemania was Shocking

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I tuned into wrestlemania with somewhat mixed expectations. Despite given a longer time between the Elimination Chamber PPV and Wrestlemania to build storyline, WWE really failed it. Time was needed to develop the main storyline going in between Cena, Miz, and The Rock. Most things were golden since it's a unique storyline and I'm sure no one could be certain of the way it would play out. Never would have expected superhero babyface Cena to attack The Rock from behind on Raw. The Punk/Orton storyline became weird because (though influenced by being in Punk's hometown) they both came over as big heels leading up to mania, even though Orton's a tweener.

Hearing that Sheamus/Bryan was left off the televised card was the first shock. The match gave potential to be the second best match on the card easily. Bryan and Sheamus are polar opposites in character but they both contain great in-ring abilities. From hearing that Khali won the battle royal, I'm assuming someone in the company wants them both squashed.

Surprise continues when Alberto del Rio comes out first. Given that this match is first, Edge will win and Christain won't get involved in any suprising ways. The match became one of the better matches, and it made both men look like stars. High hopes layed on Christain turning on Edge but I guess that will have to wait for Smackdown. Is this the first time they ever opened Wrestlemania with the royal rumble winner versus champion match?

Mysterio versus Rhodes twisted my mind since I didn't look forward to it all, yet I'd say it was the second best match on the card. A majority of uniquely executed moves. Rhodes looked immortal though, which was odd. Glad he won.

Snoop segment proved a quality gig. Zak Ryder nailed it as did Hornswoggle. Enjoyed William Regal too, Regal versus Bryan could have been better than half the matches. Zak Ryder deserves a few more matches or something, he's building a great character.

Corre vs Team Big Show. For a one minute match there was a lot of good moves.

Rock and Mae Young was enjoyable. Wish Austin talked more to Rock.

Orton and Punk was a great match. Kind of lame that Orton tried the punt again after his severely injured leg couldn't take much more. Neat finish, suprised how big of a pop Orton gets even after winning every single match as of late.

Cole should have gotten crushed a little more after how big the build up was for the match. Classic Austin, Booker T deserved the stunner for being a loon.

I don't care what you say, Taker vs. HHH was epic. The brutality reached the highest point in a WWE match in a long time. Even if there wasn't enough fighting, a lot of good moves were done and pain was constantly on display. My thought was that HHH dropped Undertaker on his head when he tombstoned him, and that's why Undertaker won the way he did. Figured he had some sort of concussion but the website said there were no injuries so I don't know what to believe. This was the best match, suprised these two still had it in them for a great match.

Mad that Morrison didn't get more love in Wrestlemania, all he gets is to see Snooki be the star. This is why there needed to be Money in the Bank but I suppose more non-wrestling fans are more interested in it if a really famous person is in it.

For the Miz's entire career they've sold him as someone that can only beat the jobber, and always tries to take the easy way out for title matches. All of a sudden at Wrestlemania, he was on a main event wrestling level against Cena and even kicked out of Cena's finisher. Hoped that when the Rock went to the computer that he would say he was the anonymous GM but instead it went exactly as expected. Match had tons potential to be better. I really hate the fact that the main event of Wrestlemania ended from outside interference. Maybe the Rock will face Cena at the next PPV or something.

Would rate Wrestlemania 2 stars out of 4 stars.

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  1. jonestown420's Avatar
    i would rate wrestlemania 0 stars out of 4
  2. Nate the Great's Avatar
    3 out of 4 because of the line-up.
  3. Wrestling Rant's Avatar
    Fantastic mania, despite the fact that many of the matches were far too short it was a great PPV and I was extremly surprised at alot of the winners. Thats what we want isnt it, to be surprised, any thing can happen within the WWE.

    Taker and HHH I was on the edge of my seat, one of the best matches I have ever seen and I wasn't really looking forward to it, but they surprised me.

    Cole vs Lawler was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing. But I do agree that Cole should of got a little more of an ass whopping.

    It was a solid PPV but I was surprised at some of the bad things people are saying about it. Guess you cant please everyone, someone will also find a fault with something.

    --Wrestling Rant
  4. Saiga's Avatar
    WrestleMania was indeed Shocking ......... Shockingly AWFUL!!!!

    Watching Edge beat up the car was like watching the original Street Fighter II level where Ryu kick and beat the crap outta the car.

    I hated the Teddy Long/Snoop Dogg segment. Wasn't necessary.

    Undertaker vs Triple H was lame. After seeing Taker lying down for the second half of the match, I actually wished his streak would come to an end. That match was hard to watch.

    After viewing how bad this year's Mania was, safe to say I have low hopes for WM28 now. Not that I'll be watching it anyway when it comes to today's match quality and standards.
  5. Iscariot's Avatar
    Technically the main event didn't get ended by outside interference. the important point in a title-match is who carries the belt at the end, and Miz defended that via double countout, and then got a technical "win" since the match was restarted. Net result is the same.
  6. hbk2416's Avatar
    0 out of 5 stars. Worst Mania since 11. HHH/Taker was mostly two guys laying on the mat between big spots. The fact that neither has wrestled in many months showed as they we're winded the whole match.

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