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Is CM Punk the adult's John Cena?

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Hi guys, this is my first blog on EWN and probably my last, as I struggle to come up with interesting topics and talk about them in-depth. However depending on the feedback I get, I might consider blogging again.

Let's first go back to a time in PG, before CM Punk was shooting the way only he can, and remember how dull the product was becoming. John Cena was in at least three quarters of championship angles, and although kids love to see 'The Champ' it was getting simply ridiculous. He is super-over under his superman gimmick with children, but it never clicked with adults because he is not seen as a wrestler.

You see, when a guy who is clearly entertaining but lacks a bit in in-ring ability goes over a really talented wrestler, it is very irritating; let's face it, we know the WWE is basically soap-opera these days, but we still want the 'wrestlers' and not 'entertainers' to get the push!

Clearly, Cena is the entertainer and CM Punk is the wrestler.

And yet, hasn't CM Punk become an entertainer recently? I mean yeah, his matches have been great recently - technical AND entertaining. The ending at MITB left us stunned, and until Raw 8 days later no-one knew what Punk's contract situation was. Until then, the storyline had countless possibilities.

So Cena and Punk have their back-and-forth arguments and fights, with the women and children cheering Cena as usual and the guys in the audience cheering the 'heel', thus making him a 'tweener'.

My point about entertainment was backed up last night, when the crowd for Punk vs The Miz was quite dead. Because it's not the matches that get us going at the moment; it is in fact, the promos. Cena is the children's Superman. Now, since his epic shoot, Punk has become a bit of an adult's superman too. When he talks, we stop and we fucking listen, because we know it will be great. We eat up every word that comes out of his mouth like... like little children!

There is a lot more I should add but I want to leave you to think about what I've said and leave your opinions below (which would be highly appreciated). Thanks for reading.

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  1. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Don't worry guys, an internet glitch meant King Scrapper's comment was posted twice.
    Having read his comment I can see why it should be called 'The Reality Era'. Because we want to believe that it's real! It feels real again; it feels that Punk and 'H actually hate each other and we should side with one or the other.
    Updated 08-31-2011 at 04:52 PM by CM_SUXX_NOT
  2. hollowsandman13's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by King Scrapper
    You make some good points...CM Punk stresses that he doesnt use a script and I do trust him, HOWEVER, he has started to simply repeat himself recently. Triple H honestly put him in his place last night at Smackdown. CM Punk rants about how Triple H isnt doing a good job but my question is WTF do you expect him to do to a multibillion dollar company in three weeks. And to be fair, every change that Triple H has made has been for the better. I just feel like CM Punks argument is getting weak.
    Yeah I agree. I love Punk but I think he's treading on thin ice with this gimmick. He's starting just kind of say the same old stuff and whenever he gets confronted he resorts to bashing Stephanie and the like. There's a difference between being the anti-hero and just being a dick and he's coming a little close to just being a dick now.
  3. mitch176's Avatar
    Punk and Cena are one in the same, Vince isn't stupid; he realises this. When Punk was brought back and all the conspiracy crap started it was no longer about great storylines or work-shoots, it became about discretely turning CM Punk into an anti-John Cena, but at the same time turning him into John Cena.

    Punk = money
    Cena = money

    Cena = one half of audience
    Punk = other half

    Vince is doing this purely for business
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