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Review: WrestleMania XXVII

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Let's be honest, WrestleMania XXVII was never really expected to be the greatest of all-time. It had a slow build-up, very few star-studded matches, and was outshone by the return of The Rock and Michael Cole's ego. What we got was still a shock to me though...

The first shocker came in putting the World Heavyweight Championship match on first. What I thought when this match was announced was that Alberto Del Rio must have really pissed off someone in creative to have his Royal Rumble win tarnished by opening the show as apposed to closing it. Also, why have managers if they aren't going to get involved in the match? One last thing for this match, why have Del Rio lose when you're going to have The Miz retain his title also? It made for zero title changes at WrestleMania XXVII (there must be a record in there somewhere?).

As far as justifying the match as a viable replacement for the formerly traditional Money in the Bank Ladder match, a certain match which would have provided decent wrestling could and should have been the opener; Sheamus versus Daniel Bryan. As well as being a great start to 'Mania in wrestling ability, it was a match that deserved air time more than the Corre versus Santino's all-sorts.

Sheamus being played down is starting to really piss me off. He's a great talent and an issue with one person in creative is causing him to become the next Christian.

Since when does an Eight-Man Tag Team match end in just over 1 minute? Apparently at WrestleMania XXVII. It was yet another match where we were promised a lot more than we got. It was so bad, in fact, that Snooki showed more wrestling ability and got more air time than a group which has received a huge push since debuting on SmackDown...

As negative as this review has been so far, it wasn't all negative. Once the Randy Orton versus CM Punk match was up things started to turn around. It took two hours in what is traditionally a great PPV from the get-go, but at least it got there. For me it was nice to see an RKO reminiscent of the Super RKO from the SvR series, and a great way to end a match dominated by Punk.

Where this ending fell through was that it was effectively recycled for the Undertaker versus Triple H match. For the third year running Undertaker received a beating and overcame the odds. I know I'll probably get a lot of heat for this, but despite being part of the best match on the card for the past three years it hasn't been him who made it so. At WrestleMania XXV it was Shawn Michaels' "one move away" moment, at XXVI it was Shawn Michaels putting his career on the line to defeat Undertaker, and this year it was a combination of Triple H striking 'Taker in the head with a steel chair, hitting everything he had (including a Tombstone Piledriver), and overall a flashback to the Triple H which rose through the ranks in 1999-2000. A theme which the back end of the card seemed to be close to.

As far as main events go, John Cena versus The Miz would not have earned that spot without the involvement of The Rock. Cena as a main eventer has gotten too old and standard to produce any hype, and The Miz, despite his title reign and rise to fame, was yet to showcase his true talent in the ring. I've already read a tonne of comments either on Twitter, Facebook, or on this website which have said they didn't want to see the match play out the way it did. Let's be honest here; who saw the match ending as a draw? Nobody. For this reason alone it makes it a great match. It did everything it was intended to. It got The Miz over as a genuine champion (he pulled out some pretty impressive moves, a far cry from what we see on RAW) and maintained Cena's popularity among the children's demographic by having The Rock cost him the match (the only expected event IMO). Ultimately, I loved this match because it was fast-paced from the start and ended in the same way that WrestleMania 2000 (my first "real" WrestleMania viewing experience) did. It was a great throwback for all of the fans who miss the "Attitude" Era (there seemed to be a lot judging by the boos Cena got) and helped to fuel the Cena/Rock feud in a way that The Miz can move on from.

Overall, WrestleMania XXVII was nowhere near what I expect to be a great PPV, but the reasons for this are beyond the talent's control. There are still a lot of questions to ask about this; why did The Corre, who hold two major Championships, get squashed on the biggest stage? why did the Royal Rumble winner's "main event" open the show? and perhaps the biggest question, WHERE DID SNOOKI LEARN TO DO A HANDSPRING ELBOW/BUMP!?

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  1. Rendall's Avatar
    I must be the only one feeling this as no-one else seems to be posting comments about it; I am starting to get sick of CM Punk losing nearly every time he fights a top guy. The result of that match was so obvious that I never purchased Wrestlemania, it was the only match I was even slightly interested in. I am sick to death of him being the best worker in the biz, and yet you never really believe he has any chance against the top guys; imagine CM Punk pinning Cena, HHH, Undertaker or Orton or even Mysterio at wrestlemania; it just doesn't seem plausible; he is always booked to look like he isn't quite a top guy; nearly but not quite. That just sucks, the guy deserves more respect than that; he is producing quality entertainment; whilst guys like Cena and Orton are just producing standard boring stuff. I almost feel like abandoning WWE if they don't start producing a better quality of wrestling in their shows.
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    @Rendall: I agree with you on this, CM Punk does deserve to win on the big stage again. When he won MITB I was never a fan of his (I couldn't stand him as a face) and now he's a heel I just want to see a Straight Edge title reign. It would help the New Nexus (if they still exist that is) and finally give Punk some credit for being the best heel in the business right now.
  3. DragonMask's Avatar
    wrestlemania 27 sucked overall.
  4. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DragonMask
    wrestlemania 27 sucked overall.
    What an inspired comment lol.
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