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Review: WrestleMania XXVII

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Let's be honest, WrestleMania XXVII was never really expected to be the greatest of all-time. It had a slow build-up, very few star-studded matches, and was outshone by the return of The Rock and Michael Cole's ego. What we got was still a shock to me though...

The first shocker came in putting the World Heavyweight Championship match on first. What I thought when this match was announced was that Alberto Del Rio must have really pissed off someone in creative to have his Royal Rumble win tarnished by opening the show as apposed to closing it. Also, why have managers if they aren't going to get involved in the match? One last thing for this match, why have Del Rio lose when you're going to have The Miz retain his title also? It made for zero title changes at WrestleMania XXVII (there must be a record in there somewhere?).

As far as justifying the match as a viable replacement for the formerly traditional Money in the Bank Ladder match, a certain match which would have provided decent wrestling could and should have been the opener; Sheamus versus Daniel Bryan. As well as being a great start to 'Mania in wrestling ability, it was a match that deserved air time more than the Corre versus Santino's all-sorts.

Sheamus being played down is starting to really piss me off. He's a great talent and an issue with one person in creative is causing him to become the next Christian.

Since when does an Eight-Man Tag Team match end in just over 1 minute? Apparently at WrestleMania XXVII. It was yet another match where we were promised a lot more than we got. It was so bad, in fact, that Snooki showed more wrestling ability and got more air time than a group which has received a huge push since debuting on SmackDown...

As negative as this review has been so far, it wasn't all negative. Once the Randy Orton versus CM Punk match was up things started to turn around. It took two hours in what is traditionally a great PPV from the get-go, but at least it got there. For me it was nice to see an RKO reminiscent of the Super RKO from the SvR series, and a great way to end a match dominated by Punk.

Where this ending fell through was that it was effectively recycled for the Undertaker versus Triple H match. For the third year running Undertaker received a beating and overcame the odds. I know I'll probably get a lot of heat for this, but despite being part of the best match on the card for the past three years it hasn't been him who made it so. At WrestleMania XXV it was Shawn Michaels' "one move away" moment, at XXVI it was Shawn Michaels putting his career on the line to defeat Undertaker, and this year it was a combination of Triple H striking 'Taker in the head with a steel chair, hitting everything he had (including a Tombstone Piledriver), and overall a flashback to the Triple H which rose through the ranks in 1999-2000. A theme which the back end of the card seemed to be close to.

As far as main events go, John Cena versus The Miz would not have earned that spot without the involvement of The Rock. Cena as a main eventer has gotten too old and standard to produce any hype, and The Miz, despite his title reign and rise to fame, was yet to showcase his true talent in the ring. I've already read a tonne of comments either on Twitter, Facebook, or on this website which have said they didn't want to see the match play out the way it did. Let's be honest here; who saw the match ending as a draw? Nobody. For this reason alone it makes it a great match. It did everything it was intended to. It got The Miz over as a genuine champion (he pulled out some pretty impressive moves, a far cry from what we see on RAW) and maintained Cena's popularity among the children's demographic by having The Rock cost him the match (the only expected event IMO). Ultimately, I loved this match because it was fast-paced from the start and ended in the same way that WrestleMania 2000 (my first "real" WrestleMania viewing experience) did. It was a great throwback for all of the fans who miss the "Attitude" Era (there seemed to be a lot judging by the boos Cena got) and helped to fuel the Cena/Rock feud in a way that The Miz can move on from.

Overall, WrestleMania XXVII was nowhere near what I expect to be a great PPV, but the reasons for this are beyond the talent's control. There are still a lot of questions to ask about this; why did The Corre, who hold two major Championships, get squashed on the biggest stage? why did the Royal Rumble winner's "main event" open the show? and perhaps the biggest question, WHERE DID SNOOKI LEARN TO DO A HANDSPRING ELBOW/BUMP!?

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  1. jonestown420's Avatar
    i disagree with you 110% about the main event of the show. It was the worst main event i have ever seen, anywhere on any wrestling show. Worse than a sunday night heat main event or shotgun saturday night main event. Both guys are walking around like snails, not doing anything. They were just knocking each other down, then standing around, then repeat. The crowd was SILENT.
  2. Danny92's Avatar
    Edge vs Del Rio *** ( Del Rio should have went over and the match should have been between HHH Undertaker and Cena-Miz)
    Mysterio vs Rhodes ***1/2 (Suprised Mysterio actually took the loss after him squashing Punk for half of 2010)
    8 man tag match 1/2* ( why bury the corre for no reason ?!?)
    CM Punk vs Orton **** ( should have got more time but my favourite bout of the night)
    Cole vs Lawler * ( would have been higher if cole didnt get the win)
    HHH vs Undertaker **** (was just a brawl, was sure HHH had won when he hit the tombstone after Randy Orton attempted the same thing at Mania' 21
    Miz vs Cena **1/2 ( poor match obvious ending, anti-climax)

    Overall rating ***1/2
  3. NigelBarks's Avatar
    1. the royal rumble winners match against the world champion of his choosing was first instead of being in the main event.

    2. christian didnt turn on edge, wasnt invovled in the match ether

    3. this feud was so boring

    4. edge sucks as a face

    5. any match that involves satino is considered a joke

    6. when was the last time the tag titles were defended

    7. what about the intercontinental title

    8. why was the us title a dark match

    9. idun care if its a ppv now, where the fuck was the money in the bank

    10. jerry lawler m cole was a waste of time

    11. stone cold being a ref and then stunning everybody is something we always see,
    lesnar vs goldberg, bobby lashley vs umaga

    the list can go on forever but ima stop lol
  4. printz1224's Avatar
    say what you will about Snooki....I've been watching diva's botch that handspring for YEARS. But I still think it should've been Morrison vs. Ziggler and Trish/Snooki vs. LayCool in 2 separate matches. (i hate jersey shore, but i don't understand how anyone can be upset about snooki in WM when Michael Cole was in one of the heaviest featured matches.)

    That being main gripe with this PPV was the time management. They could've easily condensed: Cole v. Lawler, Cena's stupid entrance, and Taker's stretcher bit to make room for a decent US title match. (Sure you could argue HHH's entrance took long, but c' was bad ass.)

    With the exception of Santino, the 8-man tag featured some of the best of the upper-mid card, and they got under a minute, to make room so i could watch michael cole work Lawler's leg for 15 minutes. I'd have no problem with the match ending the way it was pretty entertaining. But would've been much more enjoyable if they'd had a decent match and THEN ended with it.

    Other than time issues, the fact that the WHC match opened, and the absence of MITB...i enjoyed 'Mania. A lot of people say it's the worst ever, but people say that every year. A lot of people hated the ending, but the Rock costing Cena goes on the list of my favorite Wrestlemania moments. It's also popular belief that Rock costing cena made Miz look weak...but i disagree....but only because Miz kicked out of the AA...which is built up to be the end all-be all of finishers.

    ......oh, and for the record...Shouldn't Mysterio have been dressed like "Captain Mexico" instead? lol
    Updated 04-04-2011 at 12:01 PM by printz1224
  5. teacher_on_da_rampage!'s Avatar
    great post, thoroughly agree with u! bookers are to blame and of course the man who revolutionized the industry and is now destroying pro wrestl- i mean ENTERTAINMENT!
  6. Nate the Great's Avatar
    This was my first Wrestlemania and it was... well let me break it down. The Rock got the biggest pop when he came out and talked. He had Hotlanta in his hand. The opening match was a shocker. A world title match to kick off mania!?! I was pissed. I was also pissed that Alberto lost. It was an okay match, but him losing made no sense. Alberto can win the biggest Royal Rumble in history, but can't beat Edge. The ending got more laughs in my section than actual cheers(the crowd was(in my moms words) "dead". Rey vs Cody was okay. The best moves came from Cody when he hit his Beautiful Disaster and the knee brace shot to Rey. C.M. Punk vs Randy Orton was the first(so unexpected) match to have the crowd split with chants of GTS/RKO. Good match and story. Best part came when Randy RKOed Punk when he was in the air. The Corre/Big Show match was just to short. Big Show got the biggest cheer out of that match. Jerr Lawer/Cole match was... well let me put it in the crowds words, "You can't wrestle(to Cole)" and "Boring". Stone Cold got the biggest cheers when he stunnered any and everybody. Booker T spin-er-roonie was great. I yelled him for him to do it for Wrestlemania. The Undertaker vs Triple H No Holds Barred match was awesome. It had the most cheers of the night and the pins were crazy! I was pulling for Trips because I had his shirt on. I thought they rushed the match. My mom thought that match was to brutal and couldn't watch. Undertaker had fallen out on his head when he jumped the ropes and had a hard time finishing the match, but like the veteran he is, he did the best he could. I did not like the submission finish just because it was to dumb. Trips had the hammer in his hands and some how he couldn't hit Taker when he was getting choked. There was a mixed reaction(in the good way) when the match ended. My mom was so worried about Taker even when they had the gourney come out for him. Diva match=Bathroom break. Sorry Dolph and JoMo. Cena and Miz seemed like any Raw match involving Cena. Get some hits in, get beat down, come back to get stoped, but instead of coming back and winning, it went to a draw. I was mad when that happened and I was expecting Rock interfere sometime. I was so suprised when he came out, destroyed the computer(Really? Really? A computer G.M. at Mania?), rock bottomed the Chain Gang Soildier, which helped Miz win and droped The People's Elbow on Miz later. Overall, nice experience, needed a better crowd, but for my first time and it being Mania... it was AWESOME!

    PS: Backstage stuff was only good if it had The Rock. Except for the Austin/Rock staredown. That was electricity at its finest.
  7. DXFan619's Avatar
    I thought ever single match on this card was heavily rushed.
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