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What we Already knew...

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I was up last night thinking about this and it was almost a shocker, even though i knew it all along. Now I cant speak on TNA, simply because i don't watch it, but as far as WWE goes, the era of tag teams seems to be all but dead. They just don't seem to have as much prestige as they used to have in the past, and WWE has no one to blame but themselves...

The last good tag team to hold them was Big Show and Miz/Jericho, and of course DX. But since then we've had Santino and Kozlov as the title holders up until recently when Slater and Justin Gabriel defeated them for it. Now there are many reasons why WWE tag team titles aren't what they used to be and here my reasons for that

1. Just a few weeks ago, Miz and Cena teamed up together and had a chance to battle for the titles, and they actually won!!-- (what does that say about our current champs? But anyways..) And not only did they win and have the titles in their hands, but then had a quick restart to the match.. Now here is how i think the WWE shits on their tag titles: The 2nd match started and cena goes for his AA and then suddenly the miz comes in and gives him a Skull Crushing Finale.. LIKE WTF?!.. how could he (or the writers i should say) be so fine with the idea of them just giving up the titles.. Now i understand that it was just to hype up the Cena/Miz feud, but they shouldnt just shit on something like the tag titles in the process..

2: When the original Nexus Won the title, David Otunga barely put up a fight when Wade Barrett told him that he wasnt one half of the tag champs anymore, it was now heath slater

3. This is probably the biggest reason, and probably most proof that WWE just doesn't care about those titles anymore... If we rewind 26 years ago and take a look at the original WRESTLEMANIA, what was the main event of that night? That's right, the final match on the card was a Tag team match between Hulk Hogan and Mr. T vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorf.. I cant even see this happening in todays world. They would never have our current title holders as the main event or Headlining Wrestlemania. And now that i think about it, there isnt even a match for the tag team titles!!! There's an 8 man tag team match that includes the current title holders, and that's it.

I wish i could just pick Vince McMahon's brain for just one minute. Just last night the Hall of Fame inducted the "greatest tag team ever" in Legion of Doom (which they are. LOD and the Dudleyz are tied for #1 in my opinion). I don't care how charismatic, mic skills, in ring ability or anything else LOD had, there is no way they would be as loved today as they were back then..

I know this topic has come up in the past but i just wanted to share my opinion on the matter.. This is my first blog, but I've been watching wrestling since i was 6; and 17 years later, I'm still watching so they are doing something right.. but there is so much right-er that they can do

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  1. mwinfie's Avatar
    The last actual desent tag team in WWE was Miz and Morrison. If wwe see's tag teams getting hot they brake them up to double their murchandise sales and see if either could make it as a legit main eventer
  2. gokhanx99's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jonestown420
    Hey blog writer, you never watched TNA maybe you should. They have Ink. inc, Motor city machine guns, Beer money, British invasion, Stables like immortal and fortune and the dudleys who are now seperate. TNA tag team blows WWE out of the water. After watching wrestlemania, im convinced that TNA is WAY better than the WWE in every way, shape and form
    haha that was a joke right. the last bit anyway i agree about the tagteam part
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    @jonestown420: I don't know you, but you'd make a pretty good comedian. Either that or you're deluded. TNA used to be different, until they started hiring WWE's former stars. They put the TNA title on people who haven't earned the right to (effectively using the fan support WWE built up) and the wrestlers who made TNA relatively popular (AJ, Daniels, Samoa Joe, etc.) are cast aside because quite frankly TNA management has no belief in their own product anymore to try and build characters for their homegrown talent.

    Also, the only people who came from WWE to TNA and had good runs with the TNA world title are Angle and Christian.
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