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What we Already knew...

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I was up last night thinking about this and it was almost a shocker, even though i knew it all along. Now I cant speak on TNA, simply because i don't watch it, but as far as WWE goes, the era of tag teams seems to be all but dead. They just don't seem to have as much prestige as they used to have in the past, and WWE has no one to blame but themselves...

The last good tag team to hold them was Big Show and Miz/Jericho, and of course DX. But since then we've had Santino and Kozlov as the title holders up until recently when Slater and Justin Gabriel defeated them for it. Now there are many reasons why WWE tag team titles aren't what they used to be and here my reasons for that

1. Just a few weeks ago, Miz and Cena teamed up together and had a chance to battle for the titles, and they actually won!!-- (what does that say about our current champs? But anyways..) And not only did they win and have the titles in their hands, but then had a quick restart to the match.. Now here is how i think the WWE shits on their tag titles: The 2nd match started and cena goes for his AA and then suddenly the miz comes in and gives him a Skull Crushing Finale.. LIKE WTF?!.. how could he (or the writers i should say) be so fine with the idea of them just giving up the titles.. Now i understand that it was just to hype up the Cena/Miz feud, but they shouldnt just shit on something like the tag titles in the process..

2: When the original Nexus Won the title, David Otunga barely put up a fight when Wade Barrett told him that he wasnt one half of the tag champs anymore, it was now heath slater

3. This is probably the biggest reason, and probably most proof that WWE just doesn't care about those titles anymore... If we rewind 26 years ago and take a look at the original WRESTLEMANIA, what was the main event of that night? That's right, the final match on the card was a Tag team match between Hulk Hogan and Mr. T vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorf.. I cant even see this happening in todays world. They would never have our current title holders as the main event or Headlining Wrestlemania. And now that i think about it, there isnt even a match for the tag team titles!!! There's an 8 man tag team match that includes the current title holders, and that's it.

I wish i could just pick Vince McMahon's brain for just one minute. Just last night the Hall of Fame inducted the "greatest tag team ever" in Legion of Doom (which they are. LOD and the Dudleyz are tied for #1 in my opinion). I don't care how charismatic, mic skills, in ring ability or anything else LOD had, there is no way they would be as loved today as they were back then..

I know this topic has come up in the past but i just wanted to share my opinion on the matter.. This is my first blog, but I've been watching wrestling since i was 6; and 17 years later, I'm still watching so they are doing something right.. but there is so much right-er that they can do

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  1. nightclover's Avatar
    I agree with you 100%.They also are not giving any respect to the IC title neither.I remember watching the honky tonk man and the ultimate warrior go at along with rick rude and bret hart,owen hart,the list goes on of all the greats that have held that title and the timeless matches they have had.But on their biggest stage of all and it's not even up for grabs.WTF.I was at mania and enjoyed most of it but if i could talk to vince i would tell him people pay their money to see some good matches,give them their money's worth.And i'm sorry for all you snookie fans but anybody that pays attention to the wwe knows that their not going to let a celebrity come in and lose in front of millions of people,so that's a giving.Get rid of the crappy matches,save them for raw,and give me some timeless matches that i will remember for the rest of my life.
    Updated 04-04-2011 at 06:01 AM by nightclover
  2. miraistreak's Avatar
    In response to...

    #1) The Tag Belts have been used on multiple occasions (usually on the Road to Wrestlemania) to crown champion + #1 Contender as the new champs for a little bit. Infact I think all of Cena's runs have been that way (except for Otunga) so this is nothing new. Keep in mind they are supposed to be the best the WWE has to offer individually so together they would crush a tag team who's mid-card.

    #2) Freebird Rule, a old school tag team gimmick

    #3) The Original Wrestlemania was actually the first introduction to the WWF for the majority of the nation. Most had never heard of the WWF prior to Wrestlemania. The reason why a tag match with Mister T was used is because it was a hell of a lot easier to sell to an audience "Hey we've got Mister T in a match!" versus saying "Hey, we have a world title match between Guy #1 (Hulk Hogan) you've never heard of, and Guy #2 you've never heard of! (Iron Sheik)" The new biography on Wrestlemania DVD explains that in a round about ways of why it was done.

    Now in grand scheme is the tag division in the crapper? Oh most definitely.
  3. Sony's Avatar
    I am not arguing about the facts that you have stated, however, I don not agree with your opinion about the Dudley Boyz being tied for the #1 spot when it comes to tag teams.
    In my opinion, the Dudley Boyz were a good tag team...not a great tag team. Yes, the Dudley Boyz held titles in ECW, WWF//E, TNA, and in Japan, BUT, to no fault of their own, they came into the business when the overall tag team division was at the beginning of its decline. They never faced any of the top teams such as the LOD, Steiner Brothers, Hart Foundation, Demolishion, Horsemen, Harlem Heat, The British Bulldogs, Freebirds, ect. and if they faced these teams, it was well past their prime. Like I mentioned before, to no fault of their own, The Dudleys came into the business when the tag team division was beginning to take a back seat to singles competition. No longer were there any historical tag teams in their primes and the business (Vince Mcmahon) was leaning towards throwing two singles wrestlers together who either could not get over on their own, or the writers could not think of what to do with them (New Age Outlawz, D'Lo Brown/Mark Henry, Owen Hart/Davey Boy Smith, ect). This was the age of the weaker tag teams such as the Headbangers, Godwins, The Bodydonnas, ect. If the Dudleys were around during the golden age of tag teams (70s and 80s) they would not be 22 times tag team champs. Imo, they would be around the same level as the Nasty Boys...maybe (remember, the Nasty Boys gotten the push they got because Hogan liked them). The other thing that goes against the Dudleys is the fact that they never had a truly memorable, classic match without a gimmick attached to it. The tables, ladders, and chairs was a staple of theirs, but how many times were they involved in many. They were never involved in a straight classic wrestling match, and imo, that hurts their legacy a little. For these reasons, and again, to no fault of their own, the Dudleys will alway be a good tag team, but fall short of being a great tag team.
  4. Nate the Great's Avatar
    I do agree BigRon. Just last week I was telling how DX and Jerishow and Showmiz were the last REAL Tag team. They held the titles for a good time each, gave it importance, and made it a big deal to win them or lose them. I can't remember when The Itallion Russian Stallions and The Corre were upset when they lost the titles. Tag team is not like it was when you had EC, Hardys, Dudleys, and the rest up to 2004.
  5. Synyzta's Avatar
    In my opinion, tag team wrestling has been dead for a few years now. The belts are just there so that lower-mid carders can make the viewers believe there are more than the usual suspects who are challenging for the World/Heavyweight belts. It's an easy problem to solve though; just get rid of one of the World titles. Sure, this may mean that we see a reduction in Cena vs (Insert Opponent here) matches, but surely, for people to build up the challenge for a belt, they would have to hold another at some point. This was how it used to be done, and all of the greatest champions held the IC title at some point, usually right before they became main eventers. None of the belts, and I mean none of the belts have any prestige attatched to them anymore, they're merely something shiny to look at to distract viewers from the same repetetive drivel we've become accustomed to. Womens wrestling has already died (although, in many peoples opinion, this died YEARS ago), same with the Hardcore title (Man, do I miss Crash either defending his title under the 24/7 rule, or challenge for it. Come to think of it, I miss the Hardcore matches full stop, but that's another point). The US title has NO value anymore, and niether does the IC title.
    Because Vince only uses about 10 people out of his roster (you know what I mean), surely reducing the amount of titles there are, would lead to a) better storylines, and b) better build up to matches. Screw 1 month build ups! I want it how it was before, 3 month build ups, with people screwing each other out of the titles! I miss the Attitude Era
  6. candlelarbra521's Avatar
    To the person who banned me.
    I thought Americans believed in free speech. Apparently your only allowed free speech if you don't piss anyone off.
    Guess what I'm here to piss you off.
    I enjoy posting douchie comments online, it makes me feel good to know there are people dumber than me. Its a way to blow off steam I suggest you try being a douche.
  7. jonestown420's Avatar
    Hey blog writer, you never watched TNA maybe you should. They have Ink. inc, Motor city machine guns, Beer money, British invasion, Stables like immortal and fortune and the dudleys who are now seperate. TNA tag team blows WWE out of the water. After watching wrestlemania, im convinced that TNA is WAY better than the WWE in every way, shape and form
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