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To PG or not to PG...that is the buisness

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There are times when (d)evolution in the industry, whether good or bad for loyal fans, has to happen. Many people complain that the state of Professional Wrestling, namely the WWE has retracted itself from the "attitude" era and is a more kid friendly product. People have to understand that what Vince McMahon is doing is planting seeds down the line for the newer generation of viewers brought in by the older sibling, or in other cases, parents. This product is in a cycle.

The 80's golden era of wrestling was family friendly. As the kids of that generation grew up, those that stuck with watching it grew weary of the presentation that the WWF was known for. By the mid 90s the advent of the internet breaking the kayfabe wall, WCW signing major WWF talent and ECWs original style pressured the WWF to bring their product to the now older wiser generation. They transitioned slowly to the Attitude era by providing 2 separate entities for their flagship show...raw and the warzone. Raw was a PG version of the show, the second hour was aimed for those that grew up with pro wrestling in the 80's and wanted something they can watch for their age. As time progressed it became a ratings bonanza as WWF pushed to the edge what can be shown on TV.

After the demise of WCW and ECW, there were no creative competition in mainstream television and WWE grew complacent. TNA the alternative to WWE in mainstream exposure has yet to firmly decide which way the company wants to go. In one sense they want to showcase talent they grew with, and then on the other side they sign cast offs of WWE and ECW to help carry the company on name recognition. They are also trying to push the envelope in content and create an alternative sports entertainment for older viewers who still want those outrages storylines. ROH wrestling the only other viable alternative is still a territory organization with limited exposure and is geared more towards professional wrestling rather than sports entertainment. Dana White and the UFC are seeing a bigger success thanks in due part to it being an alternative to sports entertainment.

WWE has and will do what it takes to keep it's demographics alive. They were the first company to take the world as a market and not just claim a territory. They also stated that they are a sports entertainment. There is a new generation of viewers that are younger and outnumber those who are complaining about the PG style of the product. With the younger audience, the WWE is making a path for the next decades cycle of fans they are gearing towards.

Remember it's sports entertainment. lighten up

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  1. Makaraily's Avatar
    totally agree!! i've been sayin' this for a long time! Eventually when these kids that watch WWE now get into their teens then once again the product will change....for the better

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