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Wrestlemania 27: The Rise of A New Generation

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Figured I'd go ahead and write a blog giving you guys my thoughts on Wrestlemania as a whole and discussing the matches. Enjoy.

This year's Wrestlemania showcases a lot of the younger, newer talent in WWE and I think its a great thing to see. If things turn out well, we could be seeing numerous young wrestlers being made stars by the end of he show. Now I know a lot of people have crapped on the build up to this Wrestlemania and they have a right to. This year's build up to Mania sucks.

However, regardless of the lack of build up, the card IMO has the potential to be one of the best cards in Mania history. In fact, if each match delivers as we expect them to, this could end up being a very good show. Let's take a look at the card below and I'll show you why I think this:

Wrestlemania 27:

1) CORRE vs. Santino Marella & Kozlov & Big Show & Kane

-- This match definitely won't be the best match on the card, but it should be a fun match to watch. Not much to say about it really.

2) Sheamus (c) vs. Daniel Bryan: Singles match for the United States Championship

-- Alright. If given enough time, this match has a high chance of stealing the show and setting the bar high for this PPV. Both of these talents are good in-ring performers and they've had good matches in the past too. Their match at Mania should be their best yet. I am excited to see how Daniel Bryan fairs in this match. I mean, this is his FIRST Wrestlemania and I guarantee Daniel Bryan will be looking to show up and show out, especially if this is opening the show. The fact that I don't know who is going to win makes it even better. Regardless of who wins, I expect to see some vicious brawling, submissions, near-falls, and just a down-right good ol' wrestling match and if it meets those standards, what a way it will be to open up a Wrestlemania.

3) Trish Stratus, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler and LayCool: 6-person mixed tag team match

-- Now this match has stirred up a lot of controversy here in the internet wrestling community. I'm sure you all know why. One name. Snooki. A lot of fans assume this match is going to suck ALL because Snooki is in it.... a logic I will never understand. You have two of the hottest young talents in WWE right now competing in this match, a returning Trish Stratus, and two of the top divas in the company.... and you're going to trash the match over Snooki? Seriously, people. At least wait and WATCH the match before judging it. It could actually be good. Snooki did a decent Lou Thesz press to Layla a few weeks ago so she may shock us all. Besides that, who says she'll even wrestle all that much? I see John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler taking up the majority of the contest and seeing the divas only get a few minutes to shine. So give this match a chance to prove itself.

4) Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes: Singles match

-- One of the better matches on the card. This is one of the only matches that have a GOOD build up to it. IMO, this one also has the potential to steal the show, depending on how much time it gets and if Rey is healthy enough to last a long time in the ring with Cody. Rhodes is one of the most underrated wrestlers on the roster. Hopefully, this match will get people to recognize him more so he can be pushed to the high ranks where he belongs. Anyways, when it comes to who I think should win -- Cody Rhodes. Rey does not need to win this match and will not help his career in any shape or form if he wins. Rhodes has everything to gain and lose in this match. Let's hope it turns out good for his sake.

5) Randy Orton vs. CM Punk: Singles match

-- Yet another potential show stealer, but also one that may end up stinking up the house. The one factor that will make or break this match is -- Randy Orton. Now the build up to this match is not that bad. Could it have been better? Yeah, but what we got is absolutely fine.. What I'm worried about is the match itself. Punk will be fantastic, no doubt about it. Randy however..... I don't know. I have not been a fan of his matches lately. He wrestles SO DAMN SLOW and it is hard to really stay glued to the TV screen when he is on. If he can pick up the pace and wrestle like how he used to back in 2004-2006, then this one should be a classic. The psychology for this match will be OFF THE CHARTS. Orton better step his game up though and not treat this match like it’s just a regular TV match. Its Wrestlemania. Go all out.

6) Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole (w/ Jack Swagger) Singles match with special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

-- Surprisingly, the best built up match on the card. It’s kind of sad when you think about it. Cole has gotten more character development than a lot of the other wrestlers on the roster and he is an announcer. Anyways, I've enjoyed this feud over the last month or so and I seriously cannot wait to see King beat Cole's ass at Mania. He's had it coming to him for a long time. Listen, I don't care what anybody says -- Cole is awesome. He has done a fantastic job as a heel. So much that even the internet smarks cannot stand his ass. I've never wanted to see someone get their ass whoop so much since Stephanie McMahon in 2000-2002. This match should be entertaining to watch. Is it going to be a five star classic? Hell no. I don't see it even getting over seven minutes and only 2 minutes of that will probably be wrestling. The rest will be Lawler beating the shit out of Cole and Austin stunning Swagger to send us all home happy. So like the Snooki and 8-man tag match, I look forward to being entertained by this match. Knowing who’s in it, there is a high expectation I will be.

7) Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship

-- Not really a fan of Christian not being added to this match. I felt that his addition would have really solidified this match as a legit Wrestlemania fight. But oh well. I'm sure Edge and Del Rio will give us a good match to remember, although I'm not a fan of the buildup. The tension between the two STILL feels a bit weak to me. Without it, this match just feels like a Smackdown! match at a PPV. I hear Christian will be at ringside, so we will have to see how this one turns out. Again. I'm sure it will be a good match; I'm just not all that excited about it. Alberto Del Rio should definitely win the title. He is the top heel on Smackdown! and WWE already treats him like he owns the world title, so why not just give it to him?

8) The Miz (c) vs. John Cena Singles match for the WWE Championship

-- For the longest time, I despised this match. I hated the fact that John Cena, once again, is involved in a world championship match for the millionth time at Wrestlemania and that he is facing The Miz in a situation that, at the time, looked like he just could not win. However, that ALL changed over the last few weeks. Miz has gained some serious momentum and he is looking stronger than he has ever been before. He's gotten over on Cena numerous times and even owned The Rock himself in a promo. Miz is getting the rub of a lifetime. I also love the Rock's involvement in the feud. He is essentially the wild card when it comes to the result of this match. IMO, I think Rock is going to interfere and screw Cena out of the title. Why would he do that? Because Cena attacked him that’s why. You don't just lay your hands on the Great one and get away with it. So if he interferes, then the Miz is retaining either by DQ or by pin-fall. Cena does not need to win the title at mania. It will do nothing for him and it will hurt the Miz in the long run. However, a win over Cena at Wrestlemania will do wonders for the Miz and it will definitely give him the credibility to be considered a legit champion. The match itself should be decent to good, but I'm more intrigued about the ending and it will be that which makes or breaks this match. Hopefully, we get a little Cena and Rock feud as a result of this match.

9) Triple H vs. The Undertaker Undefeated Streak No Holds Barred match

-- When people think back on Wrestlemania 27, I guarantee you they'll immediately recall this confrontation between Triple H and Undertaker. I've always felt Triple H was missing that one BIG match in his career. Don't get me wrong. He has made a career off of great feud and matches, but I always felt he was missing that one match that says -- this guy is legendary. For Mick Foley, it was his HIAC match against Taker at 1998. For HBK, it was his Iron Man match against Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 12, his match against Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 14, and both of his matches against Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25 and 26. For Triple H, I think his legendary match will take place at Wrestlemania 27. Both him and Taker are the last of a dying breed of wrestlers that have studied and embodied the art of wrestling. They know how to tell a story inside the ring and I truly believe they will go all out at Mania. I have no doubt that it will be a good to great match. I wouldn't be surprised if we got BLOOD but I'm not getting my hopes up. Usually, I am quick to say Undertaker will win at Wrestlemania, but this time around.... I'm really not sure. So many factors about this match make it hard to really be certain that Taker will win. HBK is the wild card, not to mention this IS Triple H and he does have a huge pull when it comes to backstage decisions. So honestly, I don't know if Taker will keep his streak intact, which is how I like it! I love it when WWE leaves me guessing on what’s going to happen because it makes me want to see it more. This match should definitely be a classic. It will be one hell of a stir if Triple H did in fact beat Taker at Mania. The IWC would go fucking nuts.

Those are my thoughts. Enjoy the PPV and thank you for reading.

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  1. monctonvike's Avatar
    #3 snookie gets the pin waves to the crowd while dolph and jmo try to carry a match that many will just want to end

    #6 tons of air time and build to a nostalgic stone cold beer bash with lost of spilly trash talking and stunners for everyone. ( anyone think cole will end up like the coach/) cole really needs to learn how to be a heal announcer

    all the other #'s should be amazing the under card has all the potential to steal the show digging the cody rhodes build up i'm excited for that match punk and orton without the mic's and in the ring should be great
    Updated 04-02-2011 at 12:39 PM by monctonvike
  2. jonestown420's Avatar
    they are pushing the younger talent? yea, thats why they have Austin, Rock HHH and taker, michaels headlining the show. They dont have any young talent that is good enough to main event wrestlemania, they are gonna be screwed next year
  3. Tall's Avatar
    Well written blog and some interesting points. I would also like to see Miz win. I wouldn't be suprised if Christian turned on Edge during the match although interference in both the title matches wouldn't be great.
  4. candlelarbra5212's Avatar
    Um this is awkward because you seemed to know what you were talking about until the world championship match but Christian is in edges corner with brodus in ADRs. check the WWE site
  5. candlelarbra5212's Avatar
    Are you kidding dude? taker will win. you have to be a ... to think HHH will win. no way are they ruining the 20-0 streak chances for next year.
  6. monctonvike's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by candlelarbra5212
    Are you kidding dude? taker will win. you have to be a ... to think HHH will win. no way are they ruining the 20-0 streak chances for next year.
    They planted the seed with HHH telling the story of the other promising to put the other down if its time. Shawn is likely gonna super kick HHH into retirement its too bad Taker get lost in this story a lil bit. Wouldn't be suprised if they had him lose to cena next year, hope not
  7. Beezie"TheFuture"Carter's Avatar
    HBK will end HHH's career!! If you pay attention, they have been building it. From Shawn's interviews over the weeks to the in-ring promo last week. He's jealous that he couldn'd end the streak and a little insulted over Trips'/Taker's comments on RAW. Everybody knows Trips is taking over backstage, slowly but surely. This is the only way to send him off...with a good old fashioned "wrestling" story. Taker isn't even 100% yet so don't expect anything like we saw at WM26 & 27. It'll be alot of the announce team selling the streak and the backstory, followed by an okay match between two icons in the business past their prime, ending with another old timer costing his best friend his career, leaving us all with more questions than answers. Then Taker will dissappear till next February and (being as he's broke) probably be facing HBK yet again!!
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