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What happens to Nexus if they lose?

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At long last WWE SummerSlam is finally here, the second biggest PPV second only to Wrestlemania itself. Every year WWE "try" and pull out all the stops for this PPV to top off what has been for the past few years a great summer. Last year saw Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk in a TLC match, Undertaker's return, The Miz vs John Cena which had great build up but a huge downfall unfortunately, the return of DX to face the up and coming team of Legacy and a great spectacle of Rey Mysterio defending his IC title against Dolph Ziggler.
This year proves to be no different, in what has been called the "Angle of the PG era" WWE have unleashed The Nexus on us fans, a group of young rookies who will do anything to continue on their "plan" and take out any member of the WWE Locker Room and/or production team.

They have controlled the fate of the WWE Championship on multiple occassions and have made the Raw locker room an unsafe place for many top names, including John Cena, Edge and Chris Jericho.
So for the second biggest event of the year WWE have us clinging on the edge of our seats for what is going to be the Clash of the Year, The Nexus finally have a PPV match against a team that John Cena has pulled together.
It shall be the first time Nexus have faced a challenge that will test their strength when it comes to facing a team equal to theirs.

At the end of Raw this week the WWE finally gave the fans hope for their team that had appeared to be falling apart over the past few weeks, as they all finally pulled together and stood against the Nexus, sending the fans home happy.

But I ask you, what if The Nexus lose this Sunday? Will that be it? There's no doubt that it would kill any momentum them had. Woudl they start to argue with each other and slowly start to disband?
In my personal opinion I hope that is not the case, Team WWE should be the team that takes the fall in their match on Sunday, but with John Cena being on the team it isn't certain they will.
So here is how I see things going down if The Nexus do lose their match, for one Nexus could just start attacking people again to try and regain heat but that would seem like a bit of a cop out wouldn't it? Another way for them to keep heat is for Wade barrett to declare that Team WWE may have won the battle but the war is only just beginning, yes it's a bit cliche but it is WWE afterall.
The Nexus is too new for them to be disbanded this soon and I could see them going all the way through to The Royal Rumble, where they could work together to take out the other competitors, until finally the returning Cena appears at No. 30 and clears house of Nexus.
Now your all wondering what I mean by the "returning cena", well I have one last thought on how Nexus could regain heat if they lost. Have them completely take out John Cena, have them use any and every weapon they can get their hands on and destory him. Have them put him out of action for 4 and a half months. This would completely regain their heat and would be great for a returning scenario for Cena.
Well that's it from me tonight folks!

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Steve Lee's Avatar
    will members of season 2 NXT join aswell lol
  2. MichaelWhalen's Avatar
    Nexus Will Win I could see it happing
  3. TheExetremeInnovator's Avatar
    If Nexus win its a massive push for all of them.

    but if they loose itt could go 1 of 2 ways.
    1. They could become even more violent in there attacks and become an unstoppable force out for revenge of there loss.
    2, they'll fizzle out and become Jobbers.

    i hope its number 1!
  4. dre-dray's Avatar
    What moppy said lol
  5. RatkingV1's Avatar
    I think they will loose and all of them will be realease besides Barrett
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