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  1. No worries dude .

    Me and Niall haven't finished our matches yet, so it's not a problem .
  2. I never sent it? o.O
    Whoops. I have it saved, let me just get it and send it your way. My bad! :P
  3. Just a reminder, I need your RVD promo, by about 7 1/2 hours after this VM was sent.
  4. That was fucking awesome xD Thanks brother
  5. Can do brother, no worries!
  6. Shit. Misread it.

    Um, could you get your bit to G, and get him to edit his bit in? My laptop broke, and I can't make it this week.

    Sorry I couldn't let you know earlier
  7. You were supposed to start it o.O
  8. Have you got anything for the promo? If not, get something to G ASAP please
  9. Send to me and G, and if I feel I need to add more, I will
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