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  1. Oi, get on Facebook
  2. Hey just checking on if you are going to have that interview done by today bro!
  3. I am going to bury Divine so far underground he'll be able to meet Satan, you son of a bitch. xD
  4. I bet this is how you eat your food.

  5. Thanks brotha!
  6. Happy Bday Vand!
  7. Hey just an fyi, the show is being done on Friday this week, so I need your promo by Friday at 4 pm. I know that bumps up the deadline by a day and I apologize, but its just how it has to be!
  8. You left everyone high and dry, but ICW is done now, we all moved on to different things.
  9. I get where you are coming from and I'm sorry I left ya high and dry
  10. Warning would have been nice.
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