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  1. My Saturday afternoon, so you'll have it before you wake up... Well depends what time do you get up on a Saturday?
  2. saturday afternoon, or your saturday afternoon
  3. You'll have it before Saturday afternoon.
  4. Hey how goes that blog bud. You are the last one I need
  5. Let me know if all the links work and if you've uploaded the actuall videos on the blog.

    Sorry for the trouble.
  6. I got it bro. looks good!
  7. Leave me a Quick message to let me know you got the blog.
  8. Yes sir I did. Thank you very much bud!
  9. Let me know if youve got my messages and they are seperate messages because it had too many characters...
  10. i guess iv won blog wars , to be fair bear my friend, you were up against me and im just awesome so really you never had a chance....nah i kid lol, better luck next time...
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