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  1. Have a good one mate!
  2. Come on.. I'm waiting? What you going to say now? Ha!

  3. Yeah good on you man.

    If it's something you enjoy, keep it up.
  4. Lol Cheers, I don't care if no one agrees with me, I just wanted to put something out there.
  5. Nice blog man. I don't normally check them out, I only did because it was you..
  6. Happy Birthday bro! Hope you have a good one mate.
  7. Schalke... Just sayin.
  8. LOL! Nice

    Even Arsenal fans.. Love Arsenal jokes I'm off anyways man, bless.
  9. Nahh, But I heard Wenger was looking at this 7 month pregnant women who's carrying a boy... Apparantly he's some hot prospect.

    You know our policy when signing players - "They're never too young"
  10. I know man.. Instead he's gone too West Ham where he will no doubt show the world again his world class talents.

    Did Arsenal get anyone in the end?.. I know they were linked with Essien but he went too Madrid.
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