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  1. /t/ /y/ lol
  2. /H/a/p/p/y//B/i/r/t/h/d/a/y/
  3. Ah, fair enough lol
  4. Just a girl from the music video for Asap Rocky - Purple Swag
  5. Dude, who is the lass in your sig?
    She is a dead ringer (Minus hair colour) from someone I went to school with :S
  6. Thanks for that.
  7. His seems to go up and down in quality of tag team but still a good list and I reckon he'll win
    I really hope not though
  8. What do you make of your chances? Lol

    DK made a quite good list.
  9. Hahahaha

    Ill wait.
  10. May as well do it now
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