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  1. Thank you.
  2. Done and done.
  3. Time to exercise those Mod skills you have, can you approve my comment in the Football thread?
  4. Sorry, I just fail to see what's so exciting about the Jax vs Nero thing. It's undercooked, and there's no one in that entire angle to pull for as they're all several different shades of despicable. The show has devolved to essentially just being bad people doing bad things with really bad music montages jammed into every overblown episode. It's gotten kind of excruciating.
  5. Well what a downer then, I guess your left with nothing for this show. lol
  6. I don't know. Instead of Jax getting more ruthless (which has already been happening for several seasons now and been getting progressively more boring and monotonous), I'd like to see some actual character development. And him squaring off against the asinine Christian-pimp-who-believes-in-karma just doesn't do much for me. Sure, Smits has been great in his role- but it's a horribly written, thankless part. And 7 seasons building towards the main character going up against a late-in-the-game peripheral character is...just...ugh.
  7. I also thought it was ridiculous how many times the gangs swerve and end up shooting up the people they are negotiating with. Once or twice is fine but literally it seemed it was happening every time. Reminded me a bit of The Shield but badly done.

    But I guess the thought of Jax going ruthless again and a possible head to head with Nero is a bright prospect for the new season.
  8. Tara's death should have been huge, but I sort of felt like they were telegraphing it the whole season, so it didn't really have a whole lot of punch for me, unfortunately. Hell, Clay's death didn't do much, either. Like, he should have been gone at the end of the 4th season, but Sutter chickened out. So by the time they finally got around to it, all sorts of fucks were left to be given. But, honestly, I find myself caring less and less about EVERY FUCKING CHARACTER on the show (aside from maybe Juice).

    As much as it pains me to say: The whole season was a bloated mess. And shock value for the sake of shock value. There's probably also a pun about wheel-spinning somewhere to be found, but I just can't be bothered. Hope they get their shit together for the final stretch, but I'm not holding out hope.
  9. What did you make of the finale of SOA?

    I liked it but the internet seemed less favorable for it although I agree with most of them on the show centering too much around Gemma.
  10. Yeah, it was really, really good.
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