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  1. Fair enough. I enjoy Indy shows when I get a chance to see them. Usually worth the $20 you pay for excellent seats and the wrestler/fan interaction makes the show more intimate and fun. Like going to theater to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  2. Fuuuuuuuck that lol

    Indy shows my arse.
  3. Interesting interview on the state of British wrestling. Figured since you're in London, it might apply to you and give you motivation to find a local indy show or two.

    Just sharing knowledge
  4. The fuck you talking about
  5. While I'm thinking about it...

    I'm listening to this podcast now. The interview with Lex was nice and makes me want to read his new book. The interview with Carrie Dunn made me want to start searching a bit more British wrestling. Nothing news worthy, but if you get a chance, check it out.
  6. Check the CBOT - I have a challenge I need you to participate in
  7. Heyy man, I don't make the rules, just follow them
  8. lol, thread derailment is fun...

    As to the "Unclean" dog, I guess I had a misconception because when I heard that they were unclean (My dad married a woman from Malaysia so I am pretty sure you both have the same religion and we've discussed these topics before) it was geared to the consumption of the animal... Not just by a simple contact with the skin to hair.
  9. No fucking way would that eveeerrr happen. Lol

    The site doesn't really care about the blog section, that's why one day there's like 10 blogs uploaded in one day, gives no time for the good blogs to get a good amount views.
  10. Think we can get a petition going for only allowing 2 blogs to be published in a 7 day period? Double Posts on the same day have become the norm with some of the newer bloggers.
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