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  1. Are you back?
  2. The ambition is the key!
    From what I've seen of the Geass episodes, it has some fantastic metaphors in there.

    I'd like to do a written adaptation of it, fantastic stuff.
  3. naruto starts of as a kid type manga but as the story goes on it gets much more dark and deep, you must read or watch it

    iv also seen all eps of bleach, another great anime....i think i luv bleach and naruto so much is that, at the time i watched it couple years back...i was just a lil kid with nothing else on my mind just watching insane cartoons/anime. both of them are part of my adolesence so i dnt know if youv kinda missed the boat to enjoy bleach and naruto like i have.

    and forget the live action films , which are alright but just enjoy the animes, no anime adapted into live action is that good

    except code geass, infact this might sound crazy but when im older i fully plan to pitch code geass to james cameron to turn in to a movie cos i know he will do justice to it (im ambitious you see...)
  4. I didn't get into naruto much. Watched a few episodes when it first came out with a friend (Japanese, english subs), that mustve been a good 8-10 years ago! Never got into it. Same with bleach. I do have a copy of all the bleach manga though, which I intend to work through.

    Death Note was insane, I'll never take anything away from it. My only qualm was the second series wasn't as good as the first, but the ending was pretty sick.

    Seen the Live Action? First one is OK, haven't seen the second, I hear that's ok. I hear bad things of the L movie.
  5. nothing and i mean nothing can ever top death note my friend ...the music, the dialogue, the story, the characters, the setting...everything just fell into the right place at the right time.

    naruto is awesome simply awesome because of its longetivity and how the story gets more deeper every time ( i read the manga now)

    and i know how you feel about new animes to watch, iv got a looooong list on my phone that im going to watch hopefully as soon as i finish college this year...
  6. Well, Death Note was my favourite before this. I'll decide based on the ending of this. I have the second series on my Laptop too. But yeah, it's going from strength to strength so I have high hopes and expectations.

    My friend has just given me TONNES of stuff to watch; Highschool of the dead, Angel Beats!, Akira, Clannad, ZeXal, Sekirei, The Melancholy/Disappearance of Haruhi Suzimaya, Paprika, Summer Wars, Arriety...I still have the rest of this season of CG and I have R2 to get through too. Lmao.

    I'mma be pretty busy for now :P

    I've seen bits of Haruhi, a couple of Episodes of Sekirei (although that's pretty much just Ecchi with a touch of fighting in there), and the first episode of HighSchool. I also started watching Akira but fell asleep, so I didn't see much. So I have ALL of this to watch.
  7. you havnt even finished it yet ??!! , oh man embrace your self cos its gonna get SO MUCH MORE EPIC...

    for me geass is tied second with naruto with death note being the greatest anime of all time for me...
  8. Yes man, I'm only like 10 episodes into the first series though.

    It's taken over as my favourite already!
  9. fan of code geass ayy? of my all time fav animes
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