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  1. Clear some Inbox space!

  2. Bro! are you able too edit the poster and change the date too the 21st please?
  3. Bro, could you send G.G.G. the Backlash poster please?
  4. thanks man
  5. Good job with the Nitro logo man
  6. Okay wicked
  7. ya he did talk to me about it and i told him no i wouldnt make it.
    im making the nitro logo.
  8. Bro, not sure if Des spoke with you yet, but he wants too know if you are able too do us a Nitro Logo?
  9. have i improved from my last promo by a little or a lot?
  10. It's long yeah.. but again that's no a problem, it all wen't well with the situation and promo, don't worry man you did well.

    Later's man!
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