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  1. FACK U! AJ ain't no fatass. I CM Punk(2011) walkout.
  2. LOL! Cheers mate <3
  3. I know he isn't. That's why I love you even more now.
  4. Ha!

    I don't think Tommy was a fan though.
  5. I love you even more for posting that pic in T_T's VM wall.
  6. Sorry dude,

    I didn't see you edited the quote first time around Ha! Cheers man, appreciate the reply.
  7. There you go/
  8. Just PM me back TTC.

  9. Which one, the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd question?
  10. What kind of answer was that, Yo?!

    PM me back, no messing about Ha.
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