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  1. Then let's do it!
  2. It could be as much as you want man. If you want to continue or not, but I bet we can have a homerun with this promo.
  3. Hey guy, question: were we doing another round of back-and-forth for our EWN Grand Prix promo?
  4. I know man, the past week and a half have been murder... But I will be on, may not be quite as much as usual for the following week, but I'm always here bro!
  5. Man, it seems like a long time since I talked to you or IC'ed against you.
  6. Haha I always enjoy it man.

    I'll see if I don't fall asleep.
  7. Word up bro, love the IC back-and-forth as usual. I really feel it when Sag and Brock go at it - and now having Ryder in the mix is a thing to behold!

    BTW: I'm about to grab some eats, but if you're still on for a while, I'll be back shortly!
  8. Later, bro.
  9. You're quite welcome. Gotta hit the hay... been up making sprites while getting hyped watching Kassius Ohno and Paige matches online and listening to some of my favorite songs. Later bro!
  10. Thanks buddy.
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