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  1. It's almost finished. It'l be in your inbox within the hour or two.
  2. How goes the promo dude?
  3. Yep. Here are the characters I write for:

    Artemis Eclipse (Heel)
    RedRuM (Face)
    Kyle Diamond (Face)
    Samuel Ka$hmen (Heel)
  4. Sign me up as creative.
  5. Why wouldn't I? I was literally along with Van one of the founding members of ICW. Of course I do. But, like I said, I can only do a couple matches at most. My time is limited as well.
  6. Are you sure you want to help out?
  7. Okay. Cool, bro.
  8. Ahhh lol. Well, good to have you on board haha. If I'm ever on and you wanna play, hit me up dude.
  9. Lol. Yeah we are. I'm jan151997jon. I think you added me because I haven't been here for 3 months until recently.
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