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  1. Hope everything comes on out better now.
  2. Everything is has been fixed I hope. Hope this turned a better if not I can always fix anything.
  3. Got it BAWS.
  4. Ok, if you're sure. You just need to re-work the eliminations really. I think the bulk of the match can still be used. But I'll let you work it out.
  5. Yeah I think I can. I believe I'll be up in like 5-6 hrs. I'll then redo the match.
  6. Well do you think you can do that and get it in on time? I want to post this show well before MITB.
  7. Really? Damn it! I had to mess that up. Do you wish for me to redo it in a little after a get some sleep in me?
  8. Great job, but why has it been written as an over the top rope battle royal? It's meant to be a fatal 4 way...
  9. And now you have my last match. Hope you like it good man.
  10. Nice one, thanks man.
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