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  1. Ok, looking forward to it!
  2. Hey just wanted to let you that I'm sorry for the late match. I've been really busy this whole week with various stuff. However, it'l be with you by tonight or tomorrow like my usual time.
  3. Still no match, what gives man?
  4. Still waiting for that match, over 2 weeks has passed now.
  5. Yeah, I'm sorry for that man. I've been rather busy with going to therapy all this days and doing some small house chores. However, tomorrow is my first free day, so you shall receive it by Saturday or Sunday.
  6. So yeah, a week and a half now and no match. What's up man?
  7. Is coming along good. You should have it by Monday.
  8. How's that match coming man?
  9. As you can see in the batcave, ppv matches have been set. Take your pick from the matches where the winners have been decided (some we've not decided on yet since we're going to wait and see how those people perform in the coming weeks), let me know which one you're doing, and you can be off on your way!
  10. Hope everything comes on out better now.
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