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  1. Hope you like the match broskie.
  2. Hey sorry for the saying that I haven't gotten the match already. There is currently a hurricane coming in my city area. So, my electricity went out for awhile. However, I promise to get done the match once I wake up.
  3. Haven't forgotten mate.
  4. Remember that match man. Showtime is tomorrow.
  5. I choose to do the Rage ME and then if you still need help with that show matches I'll gladly help you with that.
  6. Nicely done sir. another great match done.
    If you want to take another match, then the Rage main event is there for you? If not, then there are a couple of other matches that you can start writing for another show... but I'll PM you about those if you chose to go for that option.

    As far as helping you out with spelling goes:

  7. Friday came early for you. Hope you liked the match.
  8. I actually didn't know. Thank you for helping me out on that good fella.
  9. You do realize that it actually is spelt 'BEAR with me' and not 'BARE with me', right?
  10. Nah, don't worry about it mate. I already have some of it started. All I need is a rest day from therapy which is on Friday.
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