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  1. Yeah that's why I went to the doctor today and got back. They said it's fine cause of the fall I had. All I have to do more is rest and that's it.
  2. I absolutely need that match still. ASAP please.

    And if you're STILL not recovered from your injuries, then get it checked out. When you're ill you get yourself checked out, simple as that. That's what any normal person would do. You're not going to get better otherwise.
  3. Hey man, sorry for not getting the match to you as quick as I thought and told you. I had a bit of head problems last night, so I got off. However, I'll be able to finish off the match in a bit today if you still need it.
  4. Everything looks fine, but where is the promo that leads to that second match you sent?
  5. And everything is in mate. Hope you liked it bro.
  6. Fantastic, thanks man.
  7. Matches are coming your way mate.
  8. Please make sure you get your matches in on time please man. I don't want to have to delay the show.
  9. I understand mate. This time I truly didn't try my ol' trolling ways, but I guess I have to learn the hard way.
  10. This is strike 2.
    I've told you to stop trolling before and you've slipped back into your old ways again.
    Either you cut the crap or I'll cut you. Do we understand one another?
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