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  1. Yup I check on it earlier mate. I'll to use the weekend right and do that.
  2. You see in the batcave what you've got for the next show. Show's on Monday, so I'll be wanting that before then please man.
  3. The batcave calls.
  4. Okay man. I'll be there and ready.
  5. We're discussing Rage later tonight.
  6. Thanks for the compliment mate. I decide to do my best in that match cause I did the one for their PPV matchup and I wanted to top that.
  7. That was great work man. I challenge you to keep that up going forward.
  8. The match is now in your hands mate. Hope you like it cause I put some real effort in that match.
  9. Just waiting for you now man.
  10. Yeah that's why I went to the doctor today and got back. They said it's fine cause of the fall I had. All I have to do more is rest and that's it.
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