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  1. Hey man, how are things, haven't spoken to you in a while.
  2. No problem, and Yea, I bet it was lol. That meeting should be interesting, especially if Alex forgives you or not
  3. Hahahah, I knew that's what irt was about when I saw your post initially!

    Lol major thanks, long time coming, and yea there was a lot of ground to cover so it's all good I suppose..."You saved my life", hahaha, it's bound to be a meeting for the ages next time they're together...

  4. Nice promo man, was in depth, maybe just a little too much lol but probably had a lot of explaining to do so I understand. Mr Ghost needs to thank Jackson nd Alex in money
  5. Whats up homes? Just lately I been thinkin' of how much I'd love to see a Sasha Panzer /Rosita promo or feud, or any kind of involvment with each other....;P
  6. Interesting....I bet Alex and Jackson would not even care lol but, we will see
  7. And aye dude...You know the next time Alex and/or Jackson see this new different Ano Doom, things are gonna be way different and interesting as hell huh?!? ;P I can just imagine Alex's reaction especially too lol
  8. Lol well I do now and Twista killed it
  9. And you know we be bangin that Screw down here in the South right?!? lol, I listen to that shit a lot.

    But this Twista shit-He kills em, and Cam'ron gets to talkin about Theodore Huxtable lol!

  10. I know right lol, and there have been 3-4 responses to it already. People are about to step there game up
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