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  1. I got the PM
  2. Hey I'm sending this message out to everyone who I gave promo assignments to, as it came to my attention that some the PMs might not have gotten to people. Not sure if it is because of the change in the server, or what, but I'm just double checking you got the promo assignment that is due for Wed. Please let me know either way
  3. Remix has it, I sent it to him a while back so you will have something about her.
  4. Hey can u send me Rosita's bio tonight? With some moves and such? the whole schpeel
  5. Okay, I am almost done with it right now .
  6. Hey just letting you know if i don't have your first part of the promo by Friday, then I am going to have to write a SMokey part without it and send it to Benny, as I'm 90% sure I'm goingg to be busy saturday. Just FYI
  7. Thanks man!
  8. I like it bro. Good promo!
  9. I'm working on it now, almost done with it actually, should be done tomorrow or Wed. at the latest.
  10. Hey your promo for IWA, have you started it yet? I know you still have 11 days to do it, but Im getting on everyone because I don't want a single promo late. Let me know, and if you have got your part off, kudos, if not, please do so asap!
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