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  1. hahha I forget you lay in the shadows.
  2. in the case of trolling, no, he made people laugh at him, not make them angry
  3. I wasn't here for him... Was he that bad?
  4. I remember that guy! I stayed as far away from him as I could
    Here is the hyperlink so you can see all that craziness
  6. I'm trying, it seems the night is the only time I can follow the shit on Cbot
  7. #PiperPostWhore is back!? YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!
  8. Just wish I could have gone out better, rather than showing up to no more diner, plus all of that sobbing
  9. Hey, us 5 members will always remember.
  10. #BasicallyDeadAtThisPoint!
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