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  1. Sounds great dude .

    Also, awesome job on the actual show.
  2. I'm hoping for today but if not Def tomorrow then. For sure
  3. Hey mate, any chance knowing when we'll see the award votes statistics?
  4. Sorry about sending you the promo, forgot to change the recipients address .

    I sent it on to Benny though, so you don't need to worry about sending it on.
  5. there ya go promo done.
  6. Ill try today after work
  7. Any word on if/when I'll get your promo?
  8. Hey, please relook at the kelly kelly promo i sent you as i sent it in two parts, and a section from the first part is missing and it totally throws the promo off and makes it sound weird.
  9. i sent all that was done so far, you will know why once you read it. Also, let me know what u think of the orton part. I wanted to do something to really heat up this taker/orton feud and i think that was good
  10. Cheers dude.
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