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  1. You deleted a message on my profile? Something wrong?
  2. Check out Inside the Tights

  3. Aye, it's a good weekend for EWN
  4. So I'll try my best to get my stuff finished by then as well

    Great to see you back though dude ! You and Steve back in one weekend!!!
  5. So I'm back... Just thought I'd let you know

    My EWA segments will be done by Friday, then we can get this bad boy posted haha
  6. You pay for my train ticket to Manchester, and then fine

    Cheers Shin
  7. Happy birthday Ben!

    3 years away from being legal and then you can come for a drink with your good friend Shin
  8. Likewise, just the replied bit haha
  9. I pass to you the same message as my last VM
  10. Replied...

    It's a tough decision to make but maybe it's for the best
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